Interesting Tense Questions for Kids

The Tense is undoubtedly the most important part of English Grammar. We can’t build a correct statement in English without a proper understanding of Tenses. Here we bring to you an amazing set of 10 Tense Questions for your kid.

Tenses are used to express the time of an action or state of being in a language. As per the tense, verbs take different forms in a sentence to make it meaningful. There are different types of Tenses. The three major categories being the Present Tense, the Past Tense and Future Tense. 

Sound knowledge of tenses will help kids to construct sentences with appropriate forms of verbs to describe any action or state of being. Solving tense questions will help in building a strong foundation for kids’ education.   

Kids must be given a few tenses questions to answer every day. By doing this, they learn and understand the concept of tenses. Once they have understood these tenses, provide them with tense practice questions with answers. Practising these study materials certainly helps them learn and remember for a long time. With the proper usage of tenses, children will be able to write meaningful and simple sentences. Engage the little ones in tense practice questions and help them find the correct answers.

Below are multiple-choice simple present tense questions, simple past tense questions, future tense, present continuous tense, past continuous tense, etc.

Download Tenses Questions for Kids

Fill the blanks with proper tense form from the given options:

  1. Shruti ______ to study now.
    (a) going
    (b) is going
    (c) will
  2. James ____ to the market yesterday.
    (a) went
    (b) is left
    (c) is going
  3. At this time tomorrow, Jason ____ in Paris.
    (a) will be
    (b) was
    (c) were
  4. When Diya got the call, she _____ in her office.
    (a) work
    (b) will be
    (c) was working
  5. She ____ her entire childhood in the woods.
    (a) will be
    (b) spent
    (c) spend
  6. The mobile ____ twice before I picked it up.
    (a) was ringing
    (b) rang
    (c) is ringing
  7. Try this dessert and let me know how it _____.
    (a) will taste
    (b) was tasting
    (c) tastes
  8. The policeman ____ him.
    (a) rescued
    (b) was rescued
    (c) rescue
  9. The judge ____ his verdict.
    (a) announced
    (b) announce
    (c) is announce
  10. The climate in our city ____ warmer.
    (a) become
    (b) is becoming
    (c) was become

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1.(b) 2.(a) 3.(a) 4.(c) 5.(b)
6.(b) 7.(c) 8.(a) 9.(a) 10.(b)

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