GK Questions for Class 1 - Animals

A huge variety of animals are found on the earth. Some animals are domestic, while some are wild. Some of them are big while others are small. Animals have different shapes, sizes and nature. They breathe air, eat food and grow similar to human beings. They roam from one place to another in search of food. Here we have provided the GK questions for class 1 on the topic Animals. These GK questions are also provided in PDF format for free downloading.

This pdf mainly contains questions on identifying the animals through their features and characteristics. The questions are shown below as well as provided in the PDF format for downloading. Click on the link to get the PDF.

It is a known fact that kids love animals, and these little minds are always curious to learn about every animal they come across. Hence, questions on animals for Grade 1 undoubtedly help the little ones understand more about these furry friends. GK about animals grade 1 is available at BYJU’s in PDF format. In addition to this, you can also explain to the kids the importance of animals to this planet.

Download GK Questions for Class 1 – Animals

GK Questions for Class 1 - Animals
GK Questions for Class 1 - Animals

What animal am I?

Q1) I eat grass and I provide milk to human beings. I have 4 legs.

a) Dog

b) Cow

c) Money

d) Cat

Q2) I am a soft and furry pet. I have sharp teeth and claws. I like to eat mice.

a) Ox

b) Bear

c) Cat

d) Elephant

Q3) I can smell things and have 4 legs. I can wag my tail and like to play.

a) Tiger

b) Goat

c) Elephant

d) Dog

Q4) I am very big and heavy. I have 4 legs and 2 big ears. My long nose is known as a trunk.

a) Zebra

b) Tiger

c) Elephant

d) Monkey

Q5) I have 2 legs, 2 wings and a tail. I eat worms and insects. I lay eggs.

a) Beer

b) Hen

c) Cow

d) Lion

Q6) I am very big and furry. I live in the woods. I have a big nose, 4 legs and a tail.

a) Bear

b) Tiger

c) Dog

d) Spider

Q7) I am the tallest animal but not the heaviest. I have a long neck to pluck leaves from long tress.

a) Ox

b) Goat

c) Cockroach

d) Giraffe

Q8) I am the king of the forest and stay in a den. When I roar, everyone gets scared.

a) Donkey

b) Bear

c) Lion

d) Snake

Q9) I am the national animal of India. I have stripes on my body.

a) Fox

b) Tiger

c) Deer

d) Money

Q10) I have 2 horns and my body is covered with a thick coat. My hairs are used for making wool.

a) Cat

b) Sheep

c) Deer

d) Lion


Ans 1) b Ans 2) c Ans 3) d Ans 4) c Ans 5) b
Ans 6) a Ans 7) d Ans 8) c Ans 9) b Ans 10) b

We hope this information has helped students in enhancing their General Knowledge awareness. Keep learning and download Disney BYJU’S Early Learn App for Class 1 to 3. Get interactive videos and solve questions in a fun-loving way.

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