Fascinating GK Questions for Class 1 on Shapes and Sizes

GK Questions on Shapes and Sizes is a fascinating topic for Class 1 kids as this gives them an opportunity to identify the structures of various objects. In this article, we bring a short GK quiz for Class 1 students which would acquaint them with different shapes and sizes of various items. CBSE GK questions for Class 1 sharpen the intellectual capacity of young minds and creates an awareness about things pertaining to basic general knowledge for Class 1.

The GK questions for Class 1 listed below will not only enhance their general awareness but also guide them to perform well in several kids’ level competitions. Have a look at the frequently asked GK for Class 1 kids on various shapes and sizes. Besides, all the mentioned questions can be also segregated under CBSE GK questions for Class 1.

To help our little friends, we have provided a GK quiz on Shapes and Sizes in PDF format. You can download the GK questions for Class 1 PDF for free from the link given below.

Download GK Questions for Class 1 PDF on Shapes and Sizes


Here are some GK quiz questions for Class 1 on Shapes and Sizes to help kids identify the dimensions of various structures around them:

Q1. Identify the shape from the image given below.


  1. Octagon
  2. Pentagon
  3. Hexagon
  4. Triangle


Q2. What is a seven-sided structure called?

  1. Heptagon
  2. Square
  3. Octagon
  4. Star


Q3. Can you identify the shape given below?


  1. Circle
  2. Decagon
  3. Rectangle
  4. Square


Q4. Planet Earth is ________________________ in shape.

  1. Rectangular
  2. Triangular
  3. Spherical
  4. Diamond


Q5. Do you know what the below shape is called?


  1. Square
  2. Sphere
  3. Rectangle
  4. Triangle


Q6. What is a ten-sided structure called?

  1. Decagon
  2. Pentagon
  3. Heptagon
  4. Octagon


Q7. Can you identify the below structure?


  1. Square
  2. Oval
  3. Hexagon
  4. Sphere


Q8. An octagon has __________________ sides.

  1. 2
  2. 8
  3. 9
  4. 5


Q9. Identify the below shape.


  1. Star
  2. Oval
  3. Diamond
  4. Sphere


Q10. _____________________ is a four-sided structure.

  1. Decagon
  2. Triangle
  3. Pentagon
  4. Quadrilateral


Loved the GK questions for 1st Class given above? We hope the GK for Class 1 kids on Shapes and Sizes will help them to sharpen their general awareness about the dimensions of various objects around them. In order to explore more such amazing GK questions for Class 1, check out our Kids Learning section for a huge variety of resources for Class 1 students such as essays, poems, stories, NCERT Solutions, trivia questions for kids and watch your child thrive academically.



1. b) Pentagon 2. a) Heptagon 3. d) Square 4. c) Spherical 5. d) Triangle
6. a) Decagon 7. c) Hexagon 8. b) 8 9. a) Star 10. d) Quadrilateral


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