Class 11 Commerce

Many of the Commerce students tend to come across a different and unique sort of challenge; they have to get their calculations on the point, deal with the vast and broad syllabus, study and comprehend trade (business) related jargon and terminologies. Here are a few tips to prepare for Class 11 Commerce exam :

  • There are a lot of formulas that are applied in statistics, economics and accountancy. Students shouldn’t just remember those formulae, and they must understand how and where that particular formula is derived.
  • Preparing a formula sheet for each and every chapter is the best practice to glance at them time and again and learn them.
  • Do not forget to do the calculations responsibly and stay alert.

Class 11 Commerce exams

Below mentioned are considered to be the core subjects in the class 11 Commerce for the examinations. The below-mentioned pages comprise of Marks allocated for each chapter and Marks Distribution :

Commerce is the popular preference among students in India and across the globe at the 10+2 grade. Many of the students have Commerce as their primary pick in their Class 11 after finishing Class 10. To know more about the Commerce subjects, stay tuned to BYJU’S.

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