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Class 12 Commerce

Preparing for the CBSE board commerce exam should be done in the right way to score well in the board exam. One should follow the guidelines given by CBSE board and strictly adhere to the curriculum given there and start preparing after knowing the syllabus well in advance. These subjects are marks scoring if you understand the concept well and apply them while writing the answers in your exam.

How to score good marks in Commerce Board Exam?

Here we have the tips to follow while taking the examination:

Start with long answer first:

  • This will make sure you don’t leave any long question to write about in the examination.
  • This ensures you manage your time in the exam well so you don’t even leave any question by mistake due of lack of time.

Focus on presentation: Write in a legible handwriting as it makes the examiner to correct your paper easily.

  • Legible handwriting will help you score better marks.
  • Underline the important sentences whenever possible
  • Write answers point wise – so that you don’t waste time on writing lengthy answers.  CBSE have defined the amount of time and words to be written for the questions where the marks varies.

Spaces and Neatness –

  • Leave at least two lines in between the answer of two question. This way, the examiner will know that you have started writing for the next question and you won’t be losing any marks.
  • Don’t scribble on your paper. For rough work, use a new page and completely use it for rough.
  • The graphs and the table that you will be making should be neat and clean.

Give Examples when possible:

  • Use Examples in your answers wherever possible, this will make the examiner understand that you understand the concept well.
  • Write short examples if not stated otherwise, so that you could effectively manage time.

Don’t waste your time on a particular question if you don’t know the answer. After attempting the next question, come back to the question you left with a fresh mind.

Follow the links below to start preparing for Commerce exam. The tips are from the Subject expert who have many years of experiences in the field.

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