Class 12 Commerce Exam

Commerce is one of the popular streams of education among the students in India and across the globe at 10+2 stage. Many of the students have Commerce as their prime pick in their Class 11 after finishing Class 10 due to the exciting job prospects Commerce stream has to offer.

Class 12 Commerce Subjects

Below mentioned subjects are regarded to be the main subjects in the Class 12 Commerce stream:

  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Economics

Maths and English are also the other important subjects that should be taken into consideration by the students in order to be successful in Commerce stream.

However, Commerce students tend to confront a unique and different type of challenge; which is they have to get their calculations accurate, deal with broad and vast syllabus, study and comprehend trade related terminologies and jargons.

Tips and Tricks for Commerce Exam

Here are some tips and tricks that will help students in preparing for Class 12 Commerce exam :

  • There are a lot formulas that are to be applied in Accountancy, Statistics and Economics. Students must not just remember those formulae, they must comprehend how that particular formula is derived.
  • Preparing a formula sheet for every chapter is a good practice. Also look at them time and again and memorize them.
  • Do not forget to do the calculations responsibly and provide proper working notes.

This concludes the article on the topic of Class 12 Commerce Exam, which is an important topic to know for Commerce students. For more such interesting articles, stay tuned to BYJU’S.

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