Commerce Videos

Commerce videos primarily focuses on being aware about the students outlook towards Commerce stream and also myths and facts about the stream. It is about comprehending Business and Economy. Finance and Accounts are a part and parcel of Commerce. It is certainly a challenging field. It’s an amalgamation of economics, numbers and accounting. Commerce is pertinent in various sectors like hospitality, government, pharmacy industry, technology, medicine etc., A few myths relevant to this stream are, that it has more amount of theory, certain subjects are tedious, the stream has more of a desk job. The certainty is, theory is the base for any subject and studying on a regular basis plays a vital role. As for the desk job perception, any profession will have a desk job for that matter of fact. It is necessary to know what is the requisite from industry and keep oneself updated with practical and authentic information about current market trends for better survival degrees in the employment sector.

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