Meaning of Entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur or a business visionary is a person who initiates a new venture or business, bearing the vast majority of the liabilities, risks, and dangers and having the advantage of a large portion of the profits. The most common way of setting up a business is known as entrepreneurship. The business person or the entrepreneur is normally considered a trend-setter, a resource for groundbreaking thoughts, products, administrations or services, and business/or techniques.

Meaning of Motivator Entrepreneurs:

Motivated Entrepreneurs are inspired by their craving to utilise their specialised skills and furthermore proficient ability and expertise in playing out the work or task they have taken up. They have sufficient trust in their capacities. They are exceptionally eager and are regularly not fulfilled by the sluggish advancement in their positions. They enter business ventures due to the chance of marketing and showcasing some new products or services for the utilisation of the imminent purchasers. In the event that the products or services are created to a saleable stage and the clients acknowledge something similar, the business visionary is then additionally spurred by remuneration as far as benefits are concerned.

Meaning of Trailblazer Entrepreneurs:

Trailblazer Entrepreneurs are inspired by their vision. They do not follow the latest trend in the market but they are the trendsetters. They make way for others to follow in their footsteps. Trailblazers entrepreneurs make new markets for them to deliver their products and services, other businesses follow their inventions and innovations.

Difference between Trail Blazers Entrepreneurs and Motivators Entrepreneurs:



Trailblazers are very competitive, ambitious, and goal-oriented.

They have an above-average level of dominance.

Trailblazers are logical, analytical, practical, and realistic.

They are independent in nature.

The trailblazer’s business strengths could include the medical, technology, finance, legal and consulting fields.

They are good consensus builders, a good collaborator, and a driver of change.

Being strong strategic thinkers, they focus easily on the operation.

The motivator‘s business strengths: Retail can be their game or any environment where people are a large part of the equation.

Being strong strategic thinkers, they focus easily on marketing

Motivators excel at leadership or sales

They are restless and energetic, with a strong drive and a sense of urgency.

They have a high level of sociability.

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