Important Questions for Class 11 Economics Chapter 7 - Employment Growth

Important Questions with Answers for CBSE Class 11 Economics Chapter 7 – Employment Growth, Informalisation, and other Issues which is outlined by expert Economic teachers from the latest version of CBSE (NCERT) books

CBSE Class 11 Economic Chapter-7 Important Questions


In a rural area, what is the female worker’s participation rate?

1) Lower in a rural area

2) Higher in rural areas

3) Higher in urban areas

4) Lower in both the areas

Answer: 2) Higher in rural areas


Who is a worker?

Answer: A worker is an individual who works or does some productive work to earn a living


The job security that a worker enjoys is in which sector?

1) Unorganized Sector

2) Agriculture Sector

3) Organized Sector

4) Private Sector

Answer: 3) Organized Sector


In a tertiary sector which of the following economic activity does not exist?

1) Bee-keeping

2) Teaching

3) Banking

4) Working in the Call Center

Answer: 1) Bee-keeping


In rural area unemployment is

1) Disguised Unemployment

2) Industrial Unemployment

3) Seasonal Unemployment

4) 1 & 3

5) 1 & 2

Answer: 4) 1 & 3


What is participation ration?

Answer: Participation ratio refers to the total percentage of the total population who is truly engaging in a fruitful activity. It is also known as workers population ration.


What are the three sources that collect data on unemployment?

Answer: 1) Census reports of India

2) National sampler survey organization reports of employment and unemployment situations

3) Directorate general of employment and training date of registration with employment exchange.


Inflation means.

1) Rise in prices of only selected items

2) The continuous rise in the general price level

3) Rise in a general price level

4) A continuous rise in the general price level over a long period

Answer: 4) Continous rise in the general price level


A long run solution of inflation lies in

1) Controlling Demand

2) Enhancing Supply

3) Both

4) None

Answer: 2) Enhancing Supply


When does underemployment occur?

1) When people do not want to work

2) When people are not skilled

3) When people are not paid for their work

4) When people are working less than they are capable of

Answer: When people are working less than they are capable of


What type of unemployment does urban area suffer from?

1) Open Unemployment

2) Disguised Unemployment

3) Seasonal Unemployment

4) None

Answer: 1) Open Unemployment


An establishment with four hired workers is known as which sector establishment.

1) Informal

2) Formal

3) Both

4) None

Answer: 1) Informal sector


Which of the following is false regarding disguised unemployment

1) The mounting pressure of population in rural areas with no alternative employment

2) The marginal productivity of a worker is high

3) A feature of the agrarian economy

4) None

Answer: 2) The marginal productivity of a worker is high


What is formal sector employment?

Answer: A formal sector employment comprises of the job having normal working hours and regular wages and certified as income sources on which income taxes should be paid. In other words, the formal sector refers to the licensed organisation that are registered and pay GST. A formal job letter is sent to the selected candidate by an employer.


Briefly define casual wage labourer.

Answer: Casual wage labour also as part-time labor or irregular employment whose employment has a series of short term jobs. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, a casual labourer was the dock worker. Usually, the casual workers are hired for an hour or a day to complete a specific task, mostly to meet the unpredictable demand for work. Casual workers are unskilled workers.


What a regular salaried employee in urban areas?

Answer: Regular salaried employee is skilled people and mostly available in urban areas. These skills are obtained through the process of training and education, which is difficult for rural people to access because of financial issues, infrastructure, and low literacy level.

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