MCQ on Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is a financial statement that records a firm’s liabilities, assets, and shareholders’ equity at a particular time. It is a basis for evaluating rates of return and its capital structure.

The financial statements such as a statement of cash flows and the income statement along with balance sheet are used to prepare and analyse the financial status of a company.

Given below are important MCQs on Balance Sheet to analyze your understanding of the topic. The answers are also given for your reference.

Balance Sheet MCQs

1. On balance sheet, accruals, notes payables, and account payable are listed under which category?

A) Current Liabilities

B) Accumulated Liabilities

C) Noncurrent Liabilities

D) Accrued Liabilities

Answer: A

2. Inventories, cash and equivalents, and accounts receivables are listed as

A) Earnings on Income Statement

B) Payments on Income Statement

C) Assets on the Balance Sheet

D) Liabilities on the Balance Sheet

Answer: C

3. Salaries and wages employees are recorded in which accounts are called

A) Accruals Accounts

B) Accrued Expenses

C) Zero Liabilities

D) Both A and B

Answer: D

4. In the situation of bankruptcy, a stock which is recorded above common stock and below debt account is

A) Preferred Stock

B) Debt Liabilities

C) Common Liabilities

D) Hybrid Stock

Answer: A

5. A firm buys products but does not pay to suppliers instantly. This is recorded as

A) Account Receivable

B) Account Payable

C) Accumulated Liabilities

D) Current Liabilities

Answer: B

6. In a balance sheet, the total of common stock and retained earnings are examined as

A) Common Equity

B) Due Equity

C) Preferred Equity

D) Common Perpetuity

Answer: A

7. In the Income statement, the process of recording inventory that gives a lower cost of a commodity sold is categorized as

A) First Out Receivable

B) Last in First Out

C) Last Out Receivable

D) First in First Out

Answer: B

8. Financial securities which can be changed into cash to their book value price are categorized as

A) Short-term Investments

B) Inventories

C) Long-term Investments

D) Cash Equivalents

Answer: D

9. Earnings that have a cumulative amount and are not paid to the stockholder as a dividend is known as

A) Common Earnings

B) Preferred Earnings

C) Non-paid Earnings

D) Retained Earnings

Answer: D

10. Information that is used by investors for forecasting future earnings is documented in

A) Annual Report

B) Five Years Report

C) Exchange Report

D) Stock Report

Answer: A

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