MCQ on Retirement and Death of a Partner

A partner may ascertain to either withdraw or retire from the enterprise due to certain reasons such as his bad health, his age, change in enterprise’s nature of a business, etc., In the Partnership at Will, a partner might retire at any time. Retirement leads to a reconstitution of an enterprise where the partners’ contribution ratio and the profit-sharing ratio change. The retiring partner is given his share of capital, revaluation profit or loss and goodwill.

Death or insolvency of a partner is the outcome in the reconstitution of an enterprise when the remaining partners desire to continue the enterprise. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, all dues are paid to the bankrupt partner and partnership agreement is terminated as per the law a bankrupt is ineffectual to get into an agreement or a contract. In the case of decease, all dues are being paid to the legal successor of the deceased partner.

Given below are important MCQs on Retirement and Death of a Partner to analyze your understanding of the topic. The answers are also given for your reference.

Retirement and Death of a Partner MCQs

1. Retiring partner is compensated for parting with the firm’s future profits in favour of remaining partners. The remaining partners contribute to such compensation amount in

A) Gaining Ratio

B) Capital Ratio

C) Sacrificing Ratio

D) Profit-Sharing Ratio

Answer: A

2. How is goodwill recorded on the retirement of a partner?

A) Remaining Partner’s Capital A/c’s    Dr. (In gaining ratio)
               To Retiring Partner’s Capital A/c  (with his share of goodwill)
B) Remaining Partner’s Capital A/c’s    Dr. (In new ratio)
                 To Retiring Partner’s Capital A/c (with his share of goodwill)
C) Goodwill A/c  Dr.
                To All Partner’s Capital A/c’s  (In old ratio)
D) Goodwill A/c  Dr.
                    To Retiring Partner’s Capital A/c  (with his share)

Answer: A

3. A, B, and C are partners in the ratio of 3:4:2. B wants to retire from the firm. The profit on revaluation on that date was ₹36,000. The new ratio of A and C is 5:3. Profit on revaluation will be distributed as

A) A ₹16,000, B ₹12,000, C ₹8,000

B) A ₹12,000, B ₹16,000, C ₹8,000

C) A ₹22,500, C ₹13,500

D) A ₹23,625, C ₹12,375

Answer: B

4. A, B, and C share profits and losses of the company equally. B retires form business and his share is purchased by A and C in the ratio of 2:3. New profit sharing ratio between A and C respectively would be

A) 1:1

B) 2:2

C) 7:8

D) 3:5

Answer: C

5.P, Q, and R have been sharing profits in the ration of 8:5:3. P retires. Q takes 3/16th share from P and R take 5/16th share from P. New profit sharing ratio will be

A) 1:1

B) 10:6

C) 9:7

D) 5:3

Answer: A

6. A, B, and C are equal partners. C retires. He surrenders 3/5th of his share in favour of A and 2/5th in favour of B. New ratio will be

A) 3:2

B) 8:7

C) 7:8

D) 2:3

Answer: B

7. P, Q, and R are sharing profit and losses equally. R retires and the goodwill is appearing in the book at ₹30,000. Goodwill of the firm is valued at ₹1,50,000. Calculate the net amount to be credited to R’s capital A/c

A) ₹ 60,000

B) ₹ 50,000

C) ₹ 40,000

D) ₹ 10,000

Answer: C

8. A, B, and C are partners with profit sharing ratio 4:3:2. B retires and goodwill was valued ₹1,08,000. If A and C share profits in 5:3, find out the goodwill shared by A and C in favour of B

A) ₹ 22,500 and ₹ 13,500

B) ₹ 16,500 and ₹ 19,500

C) ₹ 67,500 and ₹ 40,500

D) ₹ 19,500 and ₹ 16,500

Answer: D

9. A, B, and C are partners in a company sharing profit and loss in the ratio of 2:2:2. On March 31, 2018, C died. Accounts are closed on December 31st every year. The sale for the year 2017 was ₹6,00,000 and profits were ₹60,000. The sales for the period from Jan 1, 2018, to March 31, 2018, were ₹2,00,000. The share of the deceased partner in the current year’s profits on the basis of sale is

A) ₹20,000

B) ₹8,000

C) ₹3,000

D) ₹4,000

Answer: D

10. A, B, and C were partners sharing profit and loss in the ratio of 2:2:1. Books are closed on 31st March every year. C dies on the 5th of November 2018. Under the partnership deed, the executors of the deceased partner are entitled to his profit to the date of death, calculated on the basis of last year’s profit. Profit for the year ended 31st March 2018 was ₹2,40,000. C’s share of profit will be

A) ₹28,000

B) ₹32,000

C) ₹28,800

D) ₹48,000

Answer: C

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