Free CBSE Business Studies Multiple Choice Questions for Class 11 along with answers, Chapter 10: Internal Trade. Business Studies MCQs for Class 11 chapter-wise with answers are prepared based on the current exam pattern. Students can tackle MCQs with answers to realise their spadework level.

1. ___________ can check the price fluctuations in the market by holding back the goods when prices fall and releasing the goods when prices rise.

(a) Wholesaler

(b) Agent

(c) Retailer

(d) Mercantile agent

Answer: (a) Wholesaler

2. The risk of bad debts in __________ business is eliminated, particularly when payment is received through V.P.P.

(a) Tele-shopping

(b) Mail order trading house

(c) Departmental store

(d) Cooperative store

Answer: (b) Mail-order trading house

3. The persons who come in between the primary producer and the final consumer to promote trade is called as ____________.

(a) Trader

(b) Middleman

(c) Auctioneer

(d) Agent

Answer: (b) Middleman

4. Wholesalers deals in ____________ quantity of goods.

(a) Small

(b) Limited

(c) Large

(d) Medium

Answer: (c) Large

5. It is a network of a number of branches situated at different localities in the city or in different parts of the country.

(a) Multiple shops

(b) Consumers cooperative store

(c) Hire purchase system

(d) Internet marketing

Answer: (a) Multiple shops

6. An agent is appointed by the ____________.

(a) Principal

(b) Manufacturer

(c) Wholesaler

(d) Retailer

Answer: (a) Principal

7. ____________ are agents who merely bring the buyer and the seller into contact.

(a) Selling agent

(b) Commission agent

(c) Stockist

(d) Broker

Answer: (d) Broker

8. _______ are mobile traders who deal in low-priced articles with no fixed place of business.

(a) Street stalls

(b) Retailers

(c) Itinerant traders

(d) Agents

Answer: (c) Itinerant traders

9. ______helps disabled and elderly people.

(a) Tele-shopping

(b) E-commerce

(c) Multiple shops

(d) Installment system

Answer: (a) Tele-shopping

10. This retail business acts as a universal supplier of a wide variety of products.

(a) Departmental store

(b) Multiple shops

(c) Mail-order business

(d) Tele-shopping

Answer: (a) Departmental store

11. A warehouse keeper accepts goods for the purpose of ____________.

(a) Selling

(b) Packaging

(c) Export

(d) Storage

Answer: (d) Storage

12. The purchase of goods from a foreign country is called ____________.

(a) Entreport

(b) Import

(c) Re-export

(d) Export

Answer: (b) Import

13. ________ aims to economise by buying in common and to retain their profits by selling in common.

(a) Multiple shops

(b) Web marketing

(c) Teleshopping

(d) Consumers cooperative store

Answer: (d) Consumers cooperative store

14. When goods are imported for the purpose of export is called as _________.

(a) Foreign trade

(b) Entrepot

(c) Home trade

(d) Trade

Answer: (b) Entrepot

15. Small scale fixed retailers includes ____________.

(a) Hawkers

(b) Pedlars

(c) Cheap Jacks

(d) General stores

Answer: (d) General stores

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