Free CBSE Business Studies Multiple Choice Questions for Class 11 along with answers, Chapter 12: International Business 2. Business Studies MCQs for Class 11 chapter-wise with answers are prepared based on the current exam pattern. Students can tackle MCQs with answers to realise their spadework level.

1. Which of the following documents is prepared by the exporter and includes details of the cargo in terms of the shipper’s name, the number of packages, the shipping bill, port of destination, name of the vehicle carrying the cargo?

(a) Shipping bill

(b) Packaging list

(c) Mate’s receipt

(d) Bill of exchange

Answer: (d) Bill of exchange

2. Which of the following documents are not required for obtaining an export license?

(a) IEC number

(b) Letter of credit

(c) Registration cum membership certificate

(d) Bank account number

Answer: (b) Letter of credit

3. Ultimately _____ was replaced by the _____on 1st Jan 1995.





Answer: (c) GATT, WTO

4. Which of the following do not form part of the duty drawback scheme?

(a) Refund of excise duties

(b) Refund of customs duties

(c) Refund of export duties

(d) Refund of income dock charges at the port of shipment

Answer: (d) Refund of income dock charges at the port of shipment

5. Subsidiaries consider the regional environment for policy/strategy formulation is known as _______.

(a) Polycentric Approach

(b) Regiocentric Approach

(c) Ethnocentric Approach

(d) Geocentric Approach

Answer: (b) Regiocentric Approach

6. Capitalistic, communistic and mixed are the types of _____.

(a) Economic System

(b) Social System

(c) Cultural Attitudes

(d) Political System

Answer: (a) Economic System

7. Key controllable factors in global marketing are _____.

(a) Government policy and legislation

(b) Social and technical changes

(c) Marketing activities and plans

(d) All of the above

Answer: (c) Marketing activities and plans

8. _______ corporation produces in the home country or in a single country and focuses on marketing these products globally or vice versa.

(a) Global

(b) International

(c) Transnational

(d) None of the above

Answer: (a) Global

9. Which one of the following is not a document related to fulfilling the customs formalities?

(a) Shipping bill

(b) Export license

(c) Letter of insurance

(d) Proforma invoice

Answer: (d) Proforma invoice

10. TRIP is one of the WTO agreements that deal with ______.

(a) Trade in agriculture

(b) Trade in services

(c) Trade-related investment measures

(d) None of the above

Answer: (d) None of the above

11. A receipt issued by the commanding officer of the ship when the cargo is loaded on the ship is known as ______.

(a) Shipping receipt

(b) Mate receipt

(c) Cargo receipt

(d) Charter receipt

Answer: (b) Mate receipt

12. Which of the following documents is not required in connection with an import transaction?

(a) Bill of lading

(b) Shipping bill

(c) Certificate of origin

(d) Shipment advice

Answer: (c) Certificate of origin

13. IPR stands for _______.

(a) Intellectual Property Rights

(b) International Property Rights

(c) Internal Promotion Rights

(d) Interior Promotional Rights

Answer: (a) Intellectual Property Rights

14. ______is only a legal agreement and it is not an institution, but _____ is a permanent institution.



(c) WTO, IMF


Answer: (a) GATT, WTO

15. SMEs stands for _______.

(a) Small and Medium Entrepreneurs

(b) Small Management of Enterprises

(c) Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

(d) Societies for Managing Exports

Answer: (c) Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

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