Role of Business in Environmental Protection

Environment is very essential for the survival of humans or any species. We humans depend so much on the environment in our day to day life. Trees provide us with fresh oxygen for breathing and fruits, pulses and cereals for sustaining life. The rivers provide us with water which is an essential part of our existence.

The role of the environment is crucial in the survival of society and the businesses. Therefore, it is extremely necessary on the part of businesses to conserve and protect the environment to prevent global emergencies.

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A business organisation or the businesses around the globe can take the following steps in order to reduce environmental pollution and thereby protect the environment:

1. Companies involved in the production of various utilities or products can go for eco-friendly, low waste and clean technology for equipment used in such industries.

2. Industrial wastes should be recycled every time so that it minimises the chances of pollution.

3. The machinery should be upgraded so that it complies with the pollution norms, which will be beneficial in reducing the levels of pollution.

4. Conduct quarterly/yearly audits for checking the effectiveness of the pollution control programs and making changes so as to bring about more success in pollution control programmes.

5. The companies and industries should comply with the rules laid down by the government with respect to prevention of environmental pollution.

6. The businesses should take steps to save the environment by setting up campaigns of planting trees, cleaning of rivers.

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