Sandeep Garg Microeconomics Class 11: Chapter 2 Consumer’s Equilibrium

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Sandeep Garg Solutions Class 11 – Chapter 2 – Part A – Microeconomics

Question 1

Define Total Utility.

Ans: Total Utility refers to the total satisfaction obtained from the consumption of all possible units of a commodity.

Question 2

Explain how the Total Utility and Marginal Utility are calculated, by using graphical representation.

Ice Creams consumed Marginal Utility (MU) Total Utility (TU)
1 20 20
2 16 36
3 10 46
4 4 50
5 0 50
6 -6 44


Total Utility and Marginal Utility

Total Utility and Marginal Utility

Question 3

Explain the Law of Diminishing Utility.

Ans: The Law of Diminishing Utility (LDMU) states that as we consume more and more units of a commodity, the utility derived from each successive unit goes on decreasing.

Question 4

Mention 4 Assumptions of Law of Diminishing Utility.

Ans: The 4 assumptions of Law of Diminishing Utility are:

  • Rational Consumer
  • Perfect Knowledge
  • Fixed Income and prices
  • Independent utilities

Question 5

What is Indifference Curve?

Ans: Indifference Curve refers to the graphical representation of various alternatives combinations of bundles of 2 goods among which the consumer is indifferent.

Question 6

Expand MRS.

Ans: MRS stands for Marginal Rate of Substitution.

Question 7

Give 3 Assumptions of Indifference Curve.

Ans: The three assumptions of indifference curve are :

  • Non-satiety
  • 2 commodities
  • Ordinal Utility

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