Staffing process

Staffing is a very important part of running a business or an organisation. It is referred to as the process of obtaining and hiring of manpower for the various business requirements. Staffing is regarded as an essential managerial function.

An enterprise is unable to run its operations without the help of human resources. Therefore, human resources play an important role in the functioning of an organisation.

Staffing process consists of the following steps:

1. Manpower Planning

2. Recruitment

3. Selection

4. Placement

5. Training

6. Development

7. Promotion

8. Transfer

9. Appraisal

10. Determination of Remuneration

We will be discussing all these steps in detail in the following lines.

Manpower Planning: Manpower planning is the quantitative and qualitative measurement of the manpower that is required in an organisation. It involves evaluation and creation of the manpower inventory and also to develop the necessary talents among the employees that are selected for obtaining promotion.

Recruitment: Recruitment is the process of finding the potential employees of an organisation and persuading them to apply for the available positions in the organisation. If the recruitment process is followed scientifically, then it will result in better wages, high morale and higher productivity among the employees.

Selection: Selection is the process of shortlisting of potential candidates and eliminating the candidates that are not suitable for the positions available in the organisation. The purpose of selection is to hire the right candidate for the right position, which will lead to efficient running of operations for the organisation.

Placement: Placement refers to the process of introducing an employee to the job for which he was hired in the organisation. The employee will be provided with a basic orientation about the company and its work areas.

Training: Training is the process of providing the newly recruited employees an idea about the type of work that they are going to do and how to do that. This falls under the training department.

Training is an essential part of hiring as it helps keep the employees updated on the way of work in an organisation. Also due to advances in technology, newer technologies will evolve, that makes it necessary for employees to be updated with the latest development.

Development: Development refers to the opportunity of growth of the employees in the organisation. The organisation must provide ample opportunities for the development of the employees, without which the employees may become frustrated.

Promotion: Promotion is referred to as the process of giving the employees a raise in salary, designation or both. The raise in designation is associated with a raise in wages or bonus or incentives. There can be some instances where the change in designation does not result in increase in pay.

Transfer: Transfer is the process of shifting of an employee from one position to another in the organisation without any monetary benefit, or any increase in the responsibilities. This function needs to be evaluated from time to time.

Appraisal: Appraisal is the process of checking the progress of the work done by the subordinates. It also studies human behavior and also the attitude and aptitude of the employee towards performing the job.

Determination of Remuneration : The remuneration of an employee is very important for sustenance. It is regarded as one of the difficult functions to perform as there exists no tools which can accurately determine wages.

Benefits of Staffing Process

Following are some of the benefits of the staffing processes:

1. It helps in getting the right person for the right position in an organization.

2. It helps in improving the organisational productivity as proper selection process, increases the quality of employees, which coupled with training results in better productivity.

3. It keeps employee morale high and also provides them job satisfaction.

4. It helps in maintaining a harmonious working environment inside the organisation.

This concludes the topic of Staffing process, which is an important topic of Business Studies for Commerce students. For more such interesting articles, stay tuned to BYJU’S.

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