Top 10 Courses after 12th Commerce without Maths

Every student suffers the perplexity of choosing the right subjects after 10th because they determine his/her future. After 2 years, they face an even greater difficulty which is to choose the proper career outlook. Keeping this in mind for the Commerce students who haven’t picked Maths as their subject, here is a list of the top 10 courses which can be pursued.

Commerce students consider having a career in accountancy, law, management, banking and insurance. They have a way to job oriented diplomas, bachelor and master degrees and certificate courses.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelor of Commerce is a 3-year long academic course for Commerce students. There is no need for studying Maths in 12th standard to pursue this degree. The students can either go for general B.Com or specialized B.Com, according to their choice.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration is also a 3-year long academic program. It can also be pursued without Maths and is a degree course to have in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Bachelor in Law (LLB)

An aggregate of law and business seems like a valid career option. One can pursue open Law programs after 12th without or with Maths. Some integrated law programmes include:

  • Com. LLB
  • BA LLB

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

Bachelor of management studies is a general management course. It is a 3-year long academic program. The course covers core subjects of management and allows the students to have a needful interaction with management, so that more classes can make their track more apparent.

Accountancy Programs

If you want to build a career in accounting, there are two courses. The courses that come under this class are Chartered Accountant (CA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). These two courses don’t require Mathematics as a requirement in class 12th, however, the knowledge of Mathematics is a figured benefit while pursuing such courses.

Company Secretary (CS)

MNCs choose managerial and senior posts by recruiting CS professionals. There is no need to have Math in Class 12. Most of the people consider going for this program because of the exceptional work culture. CS professionals are given a handsome salary and a reputed job.

Bachelor of Foreign Trade (BFT)

BFT is a renowned course to develop your career wings in the foreign trade sector. It is a 3-year long academic course that primarily concentrates on logistics, import, export, supply chain management and law policy. Furthermore, there are some important options to this program for equal career opportunities.

Career in Travel and Tourism

The maximum number of courses in travel and tourism are 3-year long. The courses are normally job oriented. Here are courses that the students can go for:

  • BBA in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Travel and Hospitality Management
  • BA in Travel and Tourism

There are some B.Sc courses too, however, sometimes these are specified for science students.

Career in Event Management

Like tourism courses, event management courses are job oriented. Most of them are 3-year long.

Some important courses are mentioned below:

  • BBA in Event Management
  • Bachelor of Event Management
  • BA in Event Management

Hotel Management Courses

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) is a 3-year long bachelor degree. It is a job oriented program to have an outstanding career in hotel management sector. Other hotel management and hospitality programs involve the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Technology
  • Bachelor of Food and Beverages Production
  • BBA in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Catering Management
  • BA in Culinary Arts
  • BA in Hotel Management

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