Cross Product Calculator

Enter the components of each of the two vectors, as real numbers

Vector u (ai + bj + ck) = i+ j+ k

Vector v (di + ej + fk) = i+ j+ k

Cross Product, u x v = i+ j+ k

The Cross Product Calculator an online tool which shows Cross Product for the given input. Byju's Cross Product Calculator is a tool
which makes calculations very simple and interesting. If an input is given then it can easily show the result for the given number.

Practise This Question

Given are a few practices associated with ganga river that people do generally. Pick out those that pollute the ganga river.

1) Industries dump there chemical waste in ganga

2) We use river for transportation

3) Washer men use ganga water to wash clothes on the river banks

4) We build turbine on the flowing water of river ganga to generate electricity

5) After cremation ashes of dead bodies and the unburnt bodies are immersed in the ganga river.

6) Use of river water for irrigation.