Degree of Unsaturation Calculator

The Degree of Unsaturation Calculator an online tool which shows Degree of Unsaturation for the given input. Byju's Degree of Unsaturation Calculator is a tool which makes calculations very simple and interesting. If an input is given then it can easily show the result for the given number. Byju’s degree of unsaturation calculator is a fast and interesting calculator which calculates degree of unsaturation of compounds in a flash of second. The notion of the degree of unsaturation of an organic compound is derived simply from the tetravalency of carbon. Any compound whose chemical formula has two hydrogen less than the maximum number possible (2n+2) must have one ring or one double bond. The Degree of Unsaturation is defined as the sum of number ofthe rings involved plus the total number of multiple bonds present in an organic compound. The molecular formula is abridged to CnHm and the degree of unsaturation fFormula is given by
Degree of Unsaturation = (Total Number of Double Bonds) + (2 x Total Number of Triple Bonds) + (Total Number of Rings)
Example: Calculate degree of unsaturation for benzene.
Solution: Benzene is a cyclic compound with one ring and three double bonds.
Hence, degree of unsaturation for benzene is:
Degree of Unsaturation = 3 + 0+ 1= 4
Byju’s degree of unsaturation calculator is an authentic online tool which gives you the degree of unsaturation of compounds for the given input. Each calculator cell provided corresponds to a term in the above presented formula. Enter appropriate values in the cells and click ‘calculate’. The calculator does a quick calculation and gives you the output within a span of seconds. Now make your calculations fun by using Byju’s weight conversion calculator online via simple steps without taking much time.
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