Dinitrogen Monoxide Formula

Dinitrogen monoxide, also known as nitrous oxide, is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula N2O. It is colourless and inflammable at room temperature with a slight taste and scent of metals. It acts as a powerful oxidizer quite similar to the molecular oxygen at elevated temperature. In this short piece of article, let us discuss the dinitrogen monoxide formula, its chemical structure, properties and uses of dinitrogen monoxide.

Nitrous Oxide Properties

Properties of Dinitrogen Monoxide
Name Dinitrogen Monoxide
Also Known as Nitrous Oxide, Dinitrogen oxide, and Laughing gas
Appearance Colourless Gas
Molecular Formula N2O
Melting Point −88.48 °C
Boiling Point −90.86 °C
Density 1.98 kg/m³
Molar Mass 44.013 g/mol

Dinitrogen Monoxide chemical structure

Dinitrogen Monoxide Formula

Nitrous Oxide Uses

  • Used as a medical anesthetic and analgesic
  • Used as a propellant for dispensing fatty liquids
  • Used as a fuel additive in ca racing

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