Double Time Formula

The time required for any quantity to transform into a double sized or value is known as doubling time. It can apply to calculate consumption of goods, compound interest, population growth, inflation, resource extraction, the volume of malignant tumors, and many other things that can expand over a period of time. The time is calculated by dividing the natural logarithm of 2 by the exponent of growth, or approximated by dividing 70 by the percentage growth rate. With the help of constant growth rate is we can easy calculate the double time by the below-given formula.

\[\LARGE T_{d}=\frac{\log 2}{\log (1+r)}\]

$T_{d}$ = doubling time
r = content growth rate

Solved Examples

Question 1: Find the doubling time of an constant growth rate 13%?

Given constant growth rate, r = 13% = $\frac{13}{100}$ = 0.13
Doubling time formula,

$T_{d}$ = $\frac{log 2}{log(1+0.13)}$

$T_{d}$ = 5.67.
hence doubling time is 5.67

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