A House on Fire Paragraph - Check Samples for Various Word Limits

Building a house takes a lot of pain. It is not only about building a pucca house or a kutcha house. Having a shelter over your head is a blessing but when it is wasted within a few minutes, it feels as if the whole world has been destroyed. All the struggles and all the pain vanishes within a few minutes.

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A House on Fire Paragraph in 100 Words

Having a shelter over our heads is a blessing. It takes a lot of pain to build a house. It is not only about the money but also the physical labour we take to build a house. But when there is a fire outbreak and the whole place is burnt down, nothing can be more heartbreaking than this. All the pain and struggle vanishes within a few minutes. While walking down the street in 2018, I saw a small spark near the slum, and suddenly, one of the houses caught fire as it was a kutcha house and then within a few minutes, the entire house was burning. Being scared, I screamed out to help, and before the people could save the house, it was completely burnt down. The pain was seen in the eyes of the owner, and I could see the fire in his eyes.

A House on Fire Paragraph in 150 Words

Building a house is a labour of love. It is not only about the money; it is also about the physical labour required to construct a home. It is a blessing to have a roof over our heads. But nothing can be more terrible than a house fire that ultimately consumes the entire structure. All of the troubles you took and struggles you underwent vanish in a matter of minutes. Once I was returning from my tuition classes in the evening, and suddenly, someone shouted for help in my neighbourhood. It was a lonely place, and I got scared listening to the scream. Before I could turn back, I saw a bright light, and after turning back, I saw my neighbour’s house was on fire. I could see him trying to save his house by throwing water, and his wife was coming out of the house with two children. Thanks to the fire brigade who came immediately and saved more than half of the building.

A House on Fire Paragraph in 200 Words

Having a place to call home is a blessing and is a major boon to have your own home. Many people are homeless, and we can never understand the hardships they face every day. When someone constructs their own house, they go through a lot of grief and suffering that is concealed from the public eye. Nothing is more terrifying than discovering your home is on fire. All of your suffering and anguish are buried deep within you. I was studying in my room one day when I heard a loud explosion in my neighbourhood. I bolted from my room and dashed downstairs to see what had happened. Almost all of my neighbours were running towards the end of the lane, where a huge flame was blazing. I could not really distinguish if it was someone’s house or just a fire. When I arrived, I noticed that one of my neighbours’ houses was on fire, and the owner was crying. I phoned the fire department right away, and they arrived with a long siren and quickly evacuated the entire building. They attempted to save the cook and the owner’s wife, who were trapped inside. His house was half burned down, but there were few other casualties. The people who were saved are grateful to the fire department.

A House on Fire Paragraph in 250 Words

A house can catch fire due to various reasons. When a person builds his house, he takes a lot of pain which is hidden from the rest of the world. He puts in all his efforts to build the house, and nothing in this world can be as terrifying as seeing your house set on fire. A lot of people are homeless, and their pain is incomparable. Something happened when I was in 5th grade and was learning about the emergency contact numbers in my school. While returning from the school, I saw a huge flame from one of the houses in my neighbourhood. My father and I ran to the place to see if it was my house which caught fire, but fortunately it was not my house. It was my neighbour who was a very close friend of my father. I saw him running out of his house and screaming out for help. Without wasting a minute, I called the fire brigade. The flames were spreading, and the owner of the house lost his consciousness due to the gases and flames. The fire brigade reached the site immediately and saved the lives of the people who were trapped inside the house and saved almost sixty percent of the house from burning. Although the fire crew spared his home, the owner’s eyes are permanently scarred by the wreckage. He burst into sobs as he realised what had happened. Even though he repaired his home, the devastation it caused is indescribable.

Frequently Asked Questions on a House on Fire


How does a house catch fire?

A house can catch fire due to various reasons. Fire is unstoppable. Therefore, it can spread quickly inside a house. It can be caused if a gas cylinder bursts, if there is an electric spark, etc.


How can we save a house on fire?

If a house catches fire, the best thing to do is to call the fire brigade immediately. It is not easy to stop the fire from spreading without the help of fire extinguishers.


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