A Journey by Train Paragraph - Check Samples for Various Word Limits

You have not enjoyed your life if you have not travelled by train. There is nothing that can be compared with a train journey. Nothing is more exciting than a train journey and when you are with your friends or family. It is the most exciting and stress-free journey for me. In our school life, we must have been asked to write a paragraph on a train journey experience. Check the samples provided below before you write.

Before you write a journey by train paragraph, you can check the samples provided below for your reference and get a better idea about the same.

A Journey by Train Paragraph in 100 Words

A long journey by train is just an exciting experience. At times, it can be tiring, but we get a lot of pleasure. I remember when I was in Class 8th, I went to Bangalore with my whole family to spend the summer vacation. Flight journeys might take only a few hours, and train journeys are time-consuming, but I love to travel by train with them. We see a lot of vendors coming in to sell tea, ice cream, biscuits, peanuts, etc. Those are the most exciting parts of a train journey when we buy food and share it with everyone. We meet a lot of new people around us and spend some time with them.

A Journey by Train Paragraph in 150 Words

A train journey is the most precious thing for me. It is even more exciting when I am travelling with my friends and family. I remember when I was travelling to Mumbai with my whole family for my cousin’s marriage. It was a great experience for me because it was the second time when I was travelling out of my hometown. It was beautiful to watch people crossing the train, which looked like a train and bike competition, and some kids waved their hands to say goodbye. Compared to a flight journey, sitting on the window seat and enjoying nature is so precious. It is even more beautiful to watch the sunset between the hills while enjoying the evening tea. Every time a tea vendor crossed, my mother would call him and buy us some snacks. Even if you are on a diet, it becomes hard for you to restrict yourself to rush to the food stall in every station. If you are bored, you can read a newspaper or a magazine, a story book, etc.

A Journey by Train Paragraph in 200 Words

Train journey is the most exciting and most enjoyable experience of my life. I remember when I was travelling to Bangalore with my friends. My friends were the add ons to my excitement. We were seven friends travelling together and we enjoyed the most in those 24 hours. We were the attraction of all the passengers around us as we engaged them all with different games, music, and dance. We bought food and shared it with them. The beauty of nature can be enjoyed while travelling by train and it is more exciting when you are with your friends or family. When the train stops, we would rush to a food stall and eat different foods of our choice and they gave us immense satisfaction. When the vendors cross by us shouting and repeating all the foods, we would just look at each other and order the food without even a second thought. We would have eaten tummy full but still order the food just to satisfy our cravings. After we reached there, my friend’s family waited for us and treated us really well. But we were not so satisfied with those hours. We shared the contact numbers of our fellow passengers and are still in contact with them.

A Journey by Train Paragraph in 250 Words

I have travelled many times with my family. I have travelled by flight, by train, etc. But the most exciting one was when I was travelling to Mumbai with my family. The plan to visit Mumbai was made just to have a great time by train. There was no specific reason to travel or visit Mumbai but the train journey is so fascinating for us that we decided to travel by train. We just spent three days in Mumbai and had a great time shopping but we spent 5 days travelling by train. A train journey can never be compared with any other journey or any other excitement. Travelling by flight would just take a few hours and it is the fastest means to travel and saves a lot of time. But at times, we just miss our train journeys, we miss the continuous calls of the stall vendors shouting biryani, chai… garam chai…, bread omelette, etc. When we miss the train journeys, this chorus would just bounce in our ears. The train would pass through the villages, forests, seas, rivers, etc. This makes the train journey so exciting because we meet nature closely.

While travelling from one place to the other by train, we get in contact with different people. We make new friends, the children enjoy the most, and there are a lot of memories. It is so hard to control our cravings while travelling by train. We would rush to a food stall and buy any food, and parents would not even stop us.

Frequently Asked Questions on A Journey by Train Paragraph


Why is a train journey so exciting?

A train journey is so exciting because we get a lot of time to travel and meet many new people around us. People from different places would be sharing food items and many conversations. We can enjoy the beauty of nature very closely.


How do we write a journey by train paragraph?

You can write a journey by train paragraph by explaining your own experience of travelling by train. You can explain about the kinds of food you had, people you met, etc. in the paragraph.


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