Adjectives Exercises

As we all know, adjectives are one of those topics in English Grammar that are introduced to children while they are still in primary classes. The reason they are included in the syllabus at such an early age is to familiarise them with describing words. Knowing about adjectives will not only help students to identify them, but also categorise them according to its type.

BYJU’S has come up with various adjective exercises that students can practise for free. With the help of these exercises, students can have a clear understanding of adjectives. BYJU’S has different adjective exercises that not only help you identify adjectives but also identify their type.

Adjectives Exercises with Answers

One of the common problems that many students encounter is that they don’t have solutions from which they can check their answers. So BYJU’S have come up with a unique way to solve this problem. BYJU’S is providing students with exercises that come with solutions. So that students can check their answers.

Identify the Adjectives

Read the given sentences below and circle the adjectives.

  1. The homeless beggar hasn’t eaten in days.
  2. The fox is a sly animal.
  3. Mary had a little lamb.
  4. The selfish giant didn’t allow the children to enter his garden.
  5. The foolish dog barked at its reflection and lost its food.
  6. The family didn’t have enough food for the winter.
  7. The girl is a state-level boxer.
  8. The brave army marched through the streets.
  9. I had no idea such a fantastic place existed.
  10. Some oranges are pretty sour.
  11. The ship sustained heavy damage.
  12. I have called Sam several times.
  13. The teacher called your name twice.
  14. Naomi won the second prize.
  15. I haven’t seen Mr Thomas for several days.
  16. The soldier died a glorious death.
  17. I had an eventful day.
  18. King Solomon was a wise king.
  19. Penny saw the accident with her own eyes.
  20. What colour shirt do you like?

Answers –

  1. Homeless
  2. Sly
  3. Little
  4. Selfish
  5. Foolish
  6. Enough
  7. State-level
  8. Brave
  9. Fantastic
  10. Some
  11. Heavy
  12. Several
  13. Twice
  14. Second
  15. Several
  16. Glorious
  17. Eventful
  18. Wise
  19. Own
  20. What

Identify the Adjective and Mention Their Type

Go through the following sentences and identify the type of adjective used in them.

  1. Sharon will clean her messy room today.
  2. My sister brought some French pastries.
  3. The miser lost all his money.
  4. There haven’t been sufficient crops to sell this year.
  5. Collecting coins is an interesting hobby.
  6. The boy did not have any soup.
  7. There’s no milk left in the bowl.
  8. Either boy was present there.
  9. This bag is heavier than the suitcase.
  10. The white pomeranian is very fluffy.
  11. The food was delicious.
  12. Whose pencil box is this?
  13. These apples are pretty sweet.
  14. Shiv came second in the marathon.
  15. I saw it with my own eyes.
  16. What a splendid piece of art!
  17. Emily Bronte was a Victorian novelist.
  18. The Atlantic Ocean is the largest ocean in the world.
  19. Most children are playing.
  20. Don’t be such a brat.

Answers –

  1. Messy – Adjective of Quality.
  2. French – Proper Adjective
  3. All – Adjective of Quantity
  4. Sufficient – Adjective of Quantity
  5. Interesting – Adjective of Quality.
  6. Any – Adjective of Quantity
  7. No – Adjective of Quantity
  8. Either – Distributive Adjective
  9. This – Demonstrative Adjective
  10. Fluffy – Adjective of Quality
  11. Delicious – Adjective of Quality
  12. Whose – Interrogative Adjective
  13. Sweet – Adjective of Quality
  14. Second – Numeral Adjective
  15. Own – Emphasising Adjective
  16. What – Exclamatory Adjective
  17. Victorian – Proper Adjective
  18. Largest – Adjective of Quality
  19. Most – Numeral Adjective
  20. Such – Demonstrative Adjective

These exercises will solve your worry about How to Learn English. You can easily solve these exercises and check your answers from the given solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are adjectives?

Adjectives are describing words that add detail about the nouns in a sentence.

What is an adjective of quality?

An adjective of quality denotes the quality/kind of the person or thing. For example, “New York is a very big city.”

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