Adverbs Exercises

Adverbs are a very basic topic included in the syllabus of English Grammar of all boards. The adverb is an important part of figures of speech. It is important to ensure that children develop a basic understanding of adverbs while they are still in their primary classes. Once they are familiar with the concept of adverbs, it’s essential that they practise exercises related to the topic.

If you are looking for adverb exercises that are suitable for students of all ages, then you should check out these adverb exercises by BYJU’S. BYJU’S has kept in mind the various types of questions that can be asked from this chapter and have drafted the exercises based on that.

Adverbs Exercises with Answers

Most students face this dilemma whether their attempted answers are right or not. To make solving exercises easier for students, BYJU’S has now designed exercises with answers. Students can now check whatever they’ve attempted. With the help of given answers, one can rectify their mistakes. The adverb exercises given below will include every type of question that can be formed from adverbs.

Identify the Adverbs

Read the sentences given below and underline the adverbs.

  1. The boy is too careless.
  2. The winds are very strong.
  3. The baby slept soundly.
  4. The soldiers fought the war valiantly
  5. Joey always tries his best.
  6. Surely you are mistaken.
  7. The movie is to end soon.
  8. Your friend messaged again.
  9. I did my homework already.
  10. I was rather busy.
  11. Is your mother within?
  12. We looked for the lost puppy everywhere.
  13. We do not know her.
  14. How long is the trip?
  15. Monica seldom visits here.

Answers –

  1. Too
  2. Very
  3. Soundly
  4. Valiantly
  5. Always
  6. Surely
  7. Soon
  8. Again
  9. Already
  10. Rather
  11. Within
  12. Everywhere
  13. Not
  14. How
  15. Seldom

Use the Right Adverbs

Fill in the blanks with the correct adverb given in helpbox











  1. Riya ran to her mother ____.
  2. The scores are ____.
  3. We have met ____.
  4. I know him ____ well.
  5. The baby is ___ sleepy.
  6. The naughty boy is ___ annoying.
  7. My aunt comes to visit us ___.
  8. My grandpa is ____ better today.
  9. I met a magician ___.
  10. Ambition urges us ___.

Answers –

  1. Quickly
  2. Out
  3. Before
  4. Pretty
  5. Too
  6. So
  7. Often
  8. Somewhat
  9. Once
  10. Forward

Identify the Type of Adverb

Go through the given sentences and identify the type of adverb used in each sentence.

  1. The boy practised his speech regularly.
  2. The phone kept ringing constantly.
  3. The people are out of Ukraine.
  4. I have heard this story before.
  5. Are you quite sure?
  6. You are driving too carelessly.
  7. I always try my best.
  8. You are quite right.
  9. He solved the problem quickly.
  10. I have heard enough.
  11. The boy often makes the same mistake.
  12. Why are you still here?
  13. I could hardly recognise him.
  14. The little kid is too shy to sing.
  15. The horse galloped away.

Answers –

  1. Regularly – Adverb of Frequency
  2. Constantly – Adverb of Frequency
  3. Out – Adverb of Place
  4. Before – Adverb of Time
  5. Quite – Adverb of Degree
  6. Too – Adverb of Degree
  7. Always – Adverb of Frequency
  8. Quite – Adverb of Degree
  9. Quickly – Adverb of Manner
  10. Enough – Adverb of Degree
  11. Often – Adverb of Frequency
  12. Why – Interrogative Adverb
  13. Hardly – Adverb of Manner
  14. Too – Adverb of Degree
  15. Away – Adverb of Place

These exercises will solve your worries about How to Learn English. You can easily solve these exercises and check your answers from the given solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are adverbs?

Adverbs are those words that qualify/modify a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

How many types of adverbs are there?

There are eight types of adverbs which are as follows – Adverbs of Time, Adverbs of Frequency, Adverbs of Place, Adverbs of Manner, Adverbs of Degree, Adverbs of Affirmation and Negation, Adverbs of Reason and Interrogative Adverbs.

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