‘Ap’ Words: Check the List of Words Containing ‘Ap’

English is quite an interesting yet confusing language. From our childhood, we have been taught to strengthen our vocabulary. Therefore, we have been taught to learn the various letter words. You must be well aware of many English words now, but you must have rarely focused on the letters contained in words. Sounds confusing to you? Do not worry; we are here with various ‘ap’ words for you. Read the article and check the lists of words provided below.

‘Ap’ Words in English

‘Ap’ words refer to the words that start with ‘ap’ or have ‘ap’ in them. Every child must have learnt the various 3-letter words in English but have rarely focused on the words containing ‘ap’ in them; for example, gap, aap etc. Similarly, a child must have learnt various bigger words but have rarely emphasised the words containing ‘ap’ in them. Refer to lists of ‘ap’ words provided below.

Map  Sap  Gap  Apt  Ape 
Cap  Tap  Nap  Lap  Tape 
Apex  Leap  Trap  Flap  Soap 
Clap  Swap  Snap  Rap  Wrap 
Cape  Reap  Heap  Gape  Slap 
Paper  Happy  Apply  Drape  Grape 
Rapid  Adapt  Apart  Apple  Graph 
Scrap  Maple  Lapse  Strap  Recap 
Apron  Appear  Teapot  Appeal  Mishap 
Happen  Escape  Weapon  Chapel  Diaper 
Laptop  Staple  Scrape  Apathy  Papaya 
Lapse  Crappy  Captain  Napkin  Vapour 
Capital  Capsule  Perhaps  Capable  Capture 
Apricot  Therapy Caption  Approve  Graphic 
Unhappy  Overlap  Stapler  Apparel  Applaud
Scapula  Adaptor  Tapioca  Approach  Capacity 
Catapult  Reappear  Shrapnel Collapse  Apparent 
Handicap  Metaphor  Appetite  Snapshot  Rhapsody 
Chaperon  Champlin  Tapestry  Sapphire  Epigraph 
Newspaper  Pineapple  Landscape  Videotape  Autograph 
Apartment  Captivity  Geography  Apparatus  Applicant 
Biography  Haphazard  Appliance  Paperwork  Telegraph 
Paperbag  Apprehend  Wallpaper  Apologise  Recapture 
Scrapbook  Appearance  Skyscraper  Appreciate  Capatalist 
Cappuccino  Adaptation  Apprentice  Apostrophe  Capitulate 
Apocalypse  Application  Filmography  Photography  Streetscape 
Therapeutic  Demographic  Approximate  Thunderclap  Dilapidated 
Ethnography  Encapsulate  Choreograph  Chemotherapy  Apprehension 
Metaphysical  Choreography  Inappropriate  Psychotherapy  Intrapersonal 
Cryptographer  Lexicographer  Capitalisation  Recapitulation  Cinematography 
Calligraphy  Psychotherapist  Capaciousness   Juxtaposition  Stenographer 

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘Ap’ Words


What are ‘ap’ words?

‘Ap’ words refer to the list of words containing ‘ap’ in them. Some of the ‘ap’ words are lap, cap, strap, apart, etc.


What are some of the 5-letter ‘ap’ words?

Some of the 5-letter ap words are paper, apart, happy, shape, grape, drape, apple, rapid, etc.