Application for College Admission: Know How to Write with Samples

If you don’t have someone to help you navigate the college admissions process, it might be intimidating. The process can be overwhelming also because the student will have to write an essay or sit for an entrance, provide an application for college admission, provide necessary documents, etc. Writing an application letter requesting for admission into your dream college is a simple process where you will have to follow the format just like other formal letters.

Read the below article and check the samples for writing a request letter for admission in college/school.

How to Write a Request Letter for Admission in College?

If you are writing an application for college admission, then you must be aware of the deadlines which are fixed by the college or university. In the application, you will have to mention the detailed reason for which you are willing to take admission. Since it’s an admission request letter, your language should be submissive and make sure to address the authorised person for the same. You can address the admission in charge of the university. Mention the department/stream where you want to join and also your previous percentage for their perusal.

Samples of Writing an Admission Request Letter

Read the below article to check the sample of request letters for admission in college. Refer to the below samples and follow the format for it.

Sample of College Application Letter

Konika Meher

#65 Pune, Maharashtra

08th February 2022

Admission Head

Christ University

Bannerghatta Campus

Bangalore – 560076

Sub- Requesting for Admission in English Stream

Dear Sir/Madam

After conducting extensive research on many universities, I have decided on Christ University as my final destination. This university has been my dream university since childhood as it is one of the top universities in the world for English, and it offers English and Cultural Studies as my major. Previous alumni have recommended Christ University, and I am considering enrolling in the Post Graduate (MAECS) programme.

My long-term objective is to major in English and Cultural studies, and I am confident in my decision. As required by the admissions committee, I have attached my application, copies of mark sheets, and letters of recommendation.

Awaiting for an early response from you.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,


Konika Meher

Student of Jain College


Sample of Application for Taking Admission in School


The Principal

_____ School


Sub: Application for Admission into School

Dear Sir/Madam,

With the utmost respect, I, _____, mother/father of _____, respectfully request you to enrol my son/daughter in the upcoming session fall 20xx to 20xx, in Class____. I chose your institute out of numerous possibilities because I consulted with individuals and decided that yours is the best fit for my son/daughter.

S/he is capable and possesses all of the characteristics that your institute desires. I am hoping that my son/daughter will be nurtured to be a competent individual in every field of life by the teachers and personnel under your supervision. I eagerly anticipate receiving your response.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,



Contact details

Frequently Asked Questions on Application for College Admission

Do we write an admission request letter to schools?

Yes, for admissions to schools also, parents will have to write an admission request letter addressing the principal or head of the school.

What is meant by a college admission application?

A college admission application is a letter sent to the admission department of a college to request admission for your desired course of study.

How do I write a letter of admission to a college?

In order to write a letter of admission to a college, you will have to follow the format for it. Make sure to include all the information as asked by the university or college and attach all the necessary documents.

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