Application for School Teacher Job | Check the Format and Samples

A teacher teaches you how to write an application and how to write a letter, but at the same time, a teacher goes through the same process. An application for school teacher job is written by the candidates applying for a teaching post in a school stating about the experience they hold and the reason behind joining the school as well as leaving the previous institution.

How to Write an Application for Joining School Teacher?

In order to apply for a primary school teacher job, you will have to write an application for school teacher job. A job application is basically like a formal letter and application to principal; which must be written in a way that it reflects your entire career journey and attracts the attention of the recruiters.

An application for the post of the primary teacher should be written to the principal of that school. While writing an application for the post of primary teacher, you will have to mention the years of experience you hold and the post you are applying for, along with the required documents like your CV, experience certificate, previous employment letter, certificates, aadhar card, etc. To know the format of writing an application for a school teacher job, check the below-provided samples.

Samples of Application for School Teacher Job

For a clear understanding of the format of writing an application for the post of primary teacher, you can refer to the below-provided sample letters and follow the same format for further application for joining as a school teacher.

Teacher Job Primary School Application in English

February 16, 2022

The Principal,

KHG Kindergarten School

New Delhi

Subject: Application for a Primary Teacher Job

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this application to bring to your kind attention that I got to know the openings for the primary teachers in your school from different sources. I had to quit my previous job because of the pandemic to take care of the elders staying with me. I hold four years of experience in UYG Kindergarten School, as well as working as a social worker in ABC NGO.

I am looking for this job because I know I can do really great in your institution. I would like to give my assistance for the same. All of my required paperwork, as well as my CV, are enclosed. I look forward to hearing from you shortly. I shall be highly obliged for the same and please revert back in case of requirement of any other document.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Amritha Jain

Email address- [email protected]

Contact- 9999999990


  • CV
  • Educational Certificates
  • Experience letter
  • Aadhar Card
  • Relieving Letter
  • Three months salary slips

Application for the Post of Primary Teacher

The Principal,

UI Montessori School

Old Airport Road, Mumbai

Subject: Application for the Post of Primary Teacher

Respected Sir/Madam

I am writing in response to the advertisement for a Kindergarten Teacher in UI Montessori School in the Times of Mumbai newspaper. I am writing to express my interest in this position at your institution, and I am submitting this job application letter in support of my qualification.

After completing my graduate studies in English, I completed a Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training four years ago. Since receiving my diploma, I have worked as a pre-primary teacher at XV International School in Mumbai, and I am now searching for a move with greater career opportunities. With the necessary qualifications and experience, I am confident in my ability to educate young learners with enthusiasm. The relevant experience has taught me a lot about dealing with children with compassion and kindness, which qualifies me for this position.

I am presenting this application for the position of an elementary teacher with zeal and hope that you will consider it.

My school history, as well as previous professional experiences, are all detailed in the enclosed resume. For additional conversation, please contact me by email or phone. I would be grateful if you could help me out.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Amrit Dwibedi

Mail address- [email protected]

Contact No. 99999999990


  • CV
  • Educational Certificates
  • Experience letter
  • Three months Salary Slip
  • Aadhar Card

Frequently Asked Questions on Application for School Teacher Job

How to write an application for the post of a teacher?

You can write the application for the post of teacher in the formal letter format with a humble tone expressing your interest in the job. Explain about your past experiences, which should not sound as if you are overconfident.

Why do we need an application for a school teacher job?

An application letter for a school teacher job is needed to show your interest in the job and also explains your qualifications for the post. The application must be convincing enough.

What are the documents required to be submitted along with the application?

For applying to the teacher’s post, you need to attach the proof of your qualifications like CV and other educational certificates. Along with that, you must provide the proof of your previous employment and salary slips. You must also enclose identity proof.

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