Birds Names - Explore List of 100 Names in English

How many birds do you see in a day? Do you know the names of each of the birds you see? Well, would you like to learn more about birds, and also build your vocabulary? If you do, this article is just for you. Check out the following topics to explore.

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Names of Birds in English

Imagine you are watching a documentary or a programme on the life of birds on the Animal Planet or the Discovery channel along with your siblings, cousins, friends or family. How great would it be to know the name of every single bird you see! Everyone watching it with you would definitely consider you a genius. It is always interesting to learn more about the creatures around you. This article will make your work easier. Check out the comprehensive list of bird names given below.

Birds Names

List of 100 Bird Names

Here is a list of bird names for your reference.

Bird Names List
Eagle Duck Hen Parrot
Peacock Dove Stork Swan
Pigeon Goose Pelican Macaw
Parakeet Finches Crow Raven
Vulture Hawk Crane Penguin
Hummingbird Sparrow Woodpecker Hornbill
Owl Myna Cuckoo Turkey
Quail Ostrich Emu Cockatiel
Kingfisher Kite Cockatoo Nightingale
Blue jay Magpie Goldfinch Robin
Swallow Starling Pheasant Toucan
Canary Seagull Heron Potoo
Bush warbler Barn swallow Cassowary Mallard
Common swift Falcon Megapode Spoonbill
Ospreys Coot Rail Budgerigar
Wren Lark Sandpiper Arctic tern
Lovebird Conure Rallidae Bee-eater
Grebe Guinea fowl Passerine Albatross
Moa Kiwi Nightjar Oilbird
Dodo Azure dollar/
Purple dollar
Greater coucal Greater racket
-tailed drongo
Gannet Thrush Avocet Catbird
Bluebird Roadrunner Dunnock Northern cardinal
Teal Northern shoveler Gadwall Northern pintail
Hoatzin Kestrel Oriole Partridge
Tailorbird Wagtail Weaverbird Skylark

Explore More About Some Common Birds

Names of Birds
About it
Canary Canary is a small yellow bird belonging to the finch family. This bird is common in the western and central regions of Southern Africa. These birds have different species, and they are known for their singing ability. Canaries are often considered as good pets.
Cuckoo Cuckoo is a large greyish brown bird that belongs to the Cuculidae family, which is known for its singing abilities. Cuckoo are also known to lay their eggs in the nest of other birds.
Crow Crow is a black medium-sized bird belonging to the Corvidae family. Ravens and rooks belong to this family. Crows are a common bird in India and can be identified by their ‘cawing’ sound.
Dove Dove is a stout-bodied bird that belongs to the Columbidae family. Along with its stout body, they have small peaky beaks and short necks. They mainly feed on seeds, nuts and small insects.
Duck Duck is a large-billed and short-necked bird that mostly wades in waters and lays eggs on the land. They belong to the Anatidae family. Ducks are also known as ‘waterfowls’.
Eagle Eagles are one of the largest birds that exist in the bird kingdom. These birds of prey belong to the Accipitridae family. They have large and sharp beaks, and are said to carry prey weighing 7-8 pounds.
Flamingo Flamingos are large wading birds from the Phoenicopteridae family. They have long slender legs and are mainly pinkish in colour. There are four species of flamingos around the world.
Goose Geese are the most common species belonging to the Anatidae family. Geese are somewhere between ducks and swans. They live in ponds, lakes or rivers. Like ducks, geese lay eggs on land.
Hornbill Hornbills are exotic birds found in tropical and subtropical Africa, Melanesia and Asia. These birds are identified by their long brightly-coloured beaks. These birds have black wings, breasts, and faces in contrast with a white neck, tail and body.
Hummingbird Hummingbird is the smallest bird, measuring 7.5 – 13 cm. There are 361 species of hummingbirds around the world. They are brightly coloured birds with long and narrow beaks to drink nectar from flowers. These birds can also fly backwards.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Names of Birds


Name a few birds whose names start with B.

Bald eagle, blackbird, barbet and bluebirds are some birds whose names start with the letter B.


Name a few birds whose names start with S.

Sparrow, starling, sapphire, sandgrouse, sandpiper and sanderling are some birds whose names start with the letter S.