How to Improve Vocabulary: Tips and Techniques

Be it speaking or writing, vocabulary is a crucial part of the English language. A strong vocabulary enhances the writing style and helps you avoid using vague words. The more you improve your vocabulary, the better you explain your ideas and thoughts. You also get skilled in beautifying your writing with different words. For that, you can master synonyms, homophones, homonyms, etc. A person’s vocabulary consists of those words which can be recalled immediately and used most of the time and in different forms. Therefore, improving vocabulary is crucial in using the English language. We have provided a few tips to improve your vocabulary. Read the below article and get the proper guidance in improving your vocabulary.

Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is something that cannot be taught to someone. Children need to improve their skills in their own way. As a teacher or a parent, we can only guide them in the right direction to improve their vocabulary to have better communication skills. To guide your kid on the right path, refer to the tips provided below.

Reading Habits

Reading Newspapers, Blogs, Books, and Magazines

Improving reading habits can be really helpful for kids to increase their vocabulary. If it is a book out of your preferred genres, a magazine, or a good newspaper, then you will come across various new words. In case you are unaware of the meaning of the words, you can refer to a dictionary and find the meaning. Then you can use the words in various sentences for a better understanding of the word.

Using Dictionary and Thesaurus

Using a dictionary and a thesaurus while reading is a good way of improving your vocabulary skills. However, nowadays, digitalised dictionaries and thesauri are available. A lot of dictionary applications are available on the internet, which makes it even easier. We do not have to carry a dictionary nowadays. It helps in finding the meaning and origin of a new word immediately.


Listening is the process where we pay attention to different words as a child and check their pronunciation. We learn the pronunciation of all the words by listening and repeating them. Children can listen to English music (both American and British) in addition to stories, shows or TV programmes which are in English.


Writing is a habit which helps a child in various ways. Therefore, a child is introduced to various types of writing activities from a very young age.

Maintaining a Diary

Writing about your daily activities, your thoughts and ideas in a diary every day, helps you improve your vocabulary. You get acquainted with the style of writing and use various words. Since you have the habit of reading, you can also use the newly learnt words, which will help you strengthen your vocabulary.

Maintaining a Record of the New Words

If you have a habit of reading every day, then all the new words can be noted down along with the meanings. These words can be used in different sentences to understand the words better.


A kid can be taught by engaging them in different ways. If a kid follows both visual and audio materials, then they can learn faster. A kid can be encouraged to watch English rhymes, cartoon shows, etc., which can be helpful in improving their vocabulary. By listening to various shows, they can learn the different words and their pronunciation, and by watching, they understand the meaning of the word. The added subtitles are also helpful to the kids as they can learn the spellings of the words.


Kids are always encouraged to communicate in English with their friends in the classroom, and that is the most effective way of improving vocabulary. An effective conversation includes speaking and listening. Therefore, a conversation can be helpful in a way to learn and also help someone else to learn. You can converse either with fluent speakers or even with your fellow learners. Conversations can be really helpful in improving your vocabulary and also your fluency.

Vocabulary skills can be improved in various ways. But the child must have an interest in learning. To have an effective conversation, it is essential to become a good listener and a good speaker, which can be helpful in improving your vocabulary.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vocabulary


Why is it essential to improve our vocabulary?

Improving your vocabulary is essential because it helps in having a proper conversation. Without having a good vocabulary, fluency can never be improved.


How can I improve my English vocabulary?

English vocabulary can be improved by reading various books, magazines, newspapers, etc. You can make a habit of writing every day and listening to English music and shows. The most effective way of improving vocabulary is by conversing in English with people.


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