Collective Nouns for Cars

Nouns and verbs are basic lessons in English grammar. A collective noun is a kind of noun which is used to refer to a group of animals, birds, objects, etc. Collective nouns are essential in our conversation as it makes the expression better and more understandable. There is no specific collective noun for one particular animal, object, etc. Rather, there are various types of collective nouns for one object or animal. Learning the different terms to represent a group will improve your vocabulary and communication skills.

In today’s modern society, cars have become a part of our lives. It is not a luxury anymore; in fact, it is a necessity now. You can use various collective nouns to refer to a number of cars. Check out the article to learn. 

Collective Nouns for Cars

The collective nouns for cars have been mentioned below with various examples. Go through them. 

Fleet of Cars

The term ‘fleet’ can be used to refer to a large number of cars. Check the below-provided examples to understand the usage of the term.

Fleet + preposition + cars

Fleet of cars


  • The Government office has ordered a fleet of new cars. I wonder who will use them. 
  • It looks like the fleet of cars needs maintenance. 

Stack of Cars

A stack is another collective noun used for a number of cars. When there are a large number of cars which are not in order, we can use the term stack. Refer to the examples provided below to understand how they are used in sentences. 

Stack + preposition + cars

Stack of cars


  • There was a stack of cars in the junkyard.
  • There is an investigation going on about the stack of cars.

Line of Cars

Of the various collective nouns used for a number of cars, we can use the term ‘line’ for cars lined up together. Refer to the examples provided below to better understand the meaning and usage of the term.

Line + preposition + cars

Line of cars


  • How can I find your car from this long line of cars? 
  • My drone shot could only click the picture of the line of cars.

Horde of Cars

“Horde” is another word for a number of automobiles. It is used to denote a large number of cars, such as in traffic congestion. Refer to the examples provided below to understand the term better. 

Horde + preposition + cars

Horde of cars


  • There is a horde of cars in the junkyard. 
  • This movie is quite interesting. It has only used a horde of rusted cars. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Collective Nouns for Cars


What are the various collective nouns for cars?

The various collective nouns used for cars are fleet, stack, line and horde.


Which is the most commonly used collective noun for cars?

The most commonly used collective noun for cars is fleet.