‘Cr’ Words: Check the List of Words Containing ‘Cr’

There are various words in the English language that contain ‘cr’ in them. Improving English vocabulary is quite an essential part of communication. Learning various words is not really tough, but categorising those words depending on the letter contained can be a difficult task. To make it easier for you, we have provided a list of words containing ‘cr’. Learning the various ‘cr’ words will be helpful in strengthening your vocabulary and improving your speaking skills.

‘Cr’ Words in English

‘Cr’ words refer to the words which contain ‘cr’ in them. The words can either start with ‘cr’ or contain ‘cr’ in them. Learning the English words is not really tough, but filtering the words and finding only the ‘cr’ words can be. Therefore, we have prepared a list of words that have ‘cr’. In this article, we have provided lists of words ranging from 3-letter words to 15-letter words containing ‘cr’.

Cry Crew Crux Crop Acre
Crib Crow Crap Crab Cross
Crawl Crowd Creak Crown Cream
Scrub Crash Craft Croak Crave
Micro Crazy Crack  Crore Scrap
Crane Crump Crisp Crumb Cruel
Screw Crust Crush Crust Macro
Across Credit Create Scream Crisis
Secret Critic Script Crispy Cruise
Sacred Decree Crunch Cradle Crayon
Scroll Crucial Acronym Crochet Crystal
Recruit Crowded Creator Acrobat Scratch
Cruelty Acrylic Creeper Crimson Crooked
Encrypt Cracker Crumble Craving Scraper
Increase Mediocre Critical Aircraft Describe
Decrease Concrete Scrabble Scrutiny Creature
Credible Discrete Recreate Secretary Criticism
Crocodile Democracy Microwave Subscribe Cranberry
Criterion Increment Crossword Lucrative Prescribe
Crossover Craftsman Scarecrow Motocross Incredible
Democratic  Recreation  Discretion Skyscraper Microphone 
Manuscript Consecrate Transcript Credential Spacecraft
Acrobatics  Screenplay  Microscopic  Scrutinise  Aristocrat 
Bureaucrat Nutcracker  Stagecraft  Description  Microsphere 
Secretariat  Crystalline  Micromanage  Discrepancy  Screwdriver 
Prescription  Encroachment  Excruciating  Craftsperson  Scratchboard 
Accreditation  Endocrinology  Procrastinate  Indescribable  Microorganism 
Craftsmanlike  Cryptographer  Microprocessor  Microstructure  Crystallography 

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘Cr’ Words


What are ‘cr’ words?

‘Cr’ words are words that either start with ‘cr’ or contain ‘cr’ in them.


What are the commonly used ‘cr’ words?

The commonly used ‘cr’ words are cry, cramp, democratic, crisis, crypto, incredible, criticise, etc.