Degrees of Comparison Exercises

Students often get confused about which degree of comparison they should use in sentences. The degree of comparison is one of the most important topics of the English Grammar syllabus. With the proper degree of comparison, a student can form grammatically correct sentences. But the problem is that there aren’t enough degrees of comparison exercises available.

With BYJU’S, all the students who have confusion regarding the degree of comparison can now easily get their concepts clear. BYJU’S brings various free degrees of comparison exercises which will allow children to clear all the confusions they have.

Degrees of Comparison Exercises with Answers

One of the common issues that many students encounter is that they don’t have solutions with which they can check their answers. So BYJU’S have come up with a unique way to solve this problem. BYJU’S is providing students with exercises that come with solutions so that students can check their answers.

Identify the Degree of Comparison

Read the following sentences and underline the adjectives used in various degrees of comparison.

  1. Raj is taller than Sheldon.
  2. The little girl is quite brave.
  3. This chocolate is sweeter than the other one.
  4. Mr Ambani is one of the wealthiest men.
  5. The weather is getting colder these days.
  6. The boy was the fattest one in the school.
  7. Bring me the largest bag you have.
  8. This is the best gift I’ve received till date.
  9. The cottage is in the farthest corner of the village.
  10. May is the hottest month of the year.
  11. Riya is my elder sister.
  12. Can you point me towards the nearest phone booth?
  13. This is the oldest church in our city.
  14. Most boys were in the playground.
  15. This is my least favourite book.
  16. Indira Point is the southernmost point of India.
  17. I had a narrow escape from an accident.
  18. Samuel is a good friend.
  19. I can’t go any further.
  20. Can you reach the topmost shelf?

Answers –

  1. Taller
  2. Brave
  3. Sweeter
  4. Wealthiest
  5. Colder
  6. Fattest
  7. Largest
  8. Best
  9. Farthest
  10. Hottest
  11. Elder
  12. Nearest
  13. Oldest
  14. Most
  15. Least
  16. Southernmost
  17. Narrow
  18. Good
  19. Further
  20. Topmost

Identify the Degree of Comparison

Go through the following sentences given below and identify the degree of comparison.

  1. This war is one of the worst wars the world has witnessed.
  2. Percy Weasley was the eldest of the Weasley brothers.
  3. Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.
  4. I hope you are doing well.
  5. Show me the finest silk saree you have.
  6. Have you heard the latest news?
  7. The train came later than expected.
  8. This is the nearest grocery store to my place.
  9. For further information, you have to contact the office.
  10. Rani Lakshmi Bai was one of the bravest rulers of India.
  11. I have an older brother who reads in class 10.
  12. I’ve seen worse!
  13. The river is covered with a thin layer of ice.
  14. Birbal was the cleverest man in Akbar’s court.
  15. This mango is sourer than the previous one.
  16. The mathematical equation was the most difficult to solve.
  17. This is the easiest way to solve the equation.
  18. If you go a little, you will get clearer water.
  19. This is one of the saddest news.
  20. The red dress looks classy on you.

Answers –

  1. Worst – Superlative Degree
  2. Eldest – Superlative Degree
  3. Most beautiful – Superlative Degree
  4. Well – Positive Degree
  5. Finest – Superlative Degree
  6. Latest – Superlative Degree
  7. Later – Comparative Degree
  8. Nearest – Superlative Degree
  9. Further – Comparative Degree
  10. Bravest – Superlative Degree
  11. Older – Comparative Degree
  12. Worse – Comparative Degree
  13. Thin – Positive Degree
  14. Cleverest – Superlative Degree
  15. Sourer – Comparative Degree
  16. Most difficult – Superlative Degree
  17. Easiest – Superlative Degree
  18. Clearer – Comparative Degree
  19. Saddest – Superlative Degree
  20. Red – Positive Degree

These exercises will solve your worry about How to Learn English. You can easily solve these exercises and check your answers from the given solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are degrees of comparison?

Degrees of comparison shows the comparison among the different forms of adjectives.

How many degrees of comparison are there?

There are three degrees of comparison, i.e., positive degree, comparative degree and superlative degree. For example, ‘sweet’ is in the positive degree, ‘sweeter’ is in the comparative degree, and ‘sweetest’ is in the superlative degree.

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