Difference between 'Long' and 'Tall' | Long vs Tall

If someone asks you what’s the difference between the adjectives ‘long’ and ‘tall’, what would you say? Both words describe measurement in terms of length, but are used differently. Learn how the two adjectives differ from each other in their meanings and usage in this article.

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Table Summarising the Difference between ‘Long’ and ‘Tall’

Meaning The word ‘long’ is used to measure length, i.e. the end-to-end measurement of a thing that is greater in length than usual. The word ‘tall’ is used to measure the height of a person or some object.
Usage It is used as an adjective. It is used as an adjective.
Example The road from Kolkata to Delhi is quite long. The bamboo tree in the park is very tall.

The Difference between ‘Long’ and ‘Tall’ – Meanings

Since both these terms are used to determine the measurements of length related to things/people, there are times when children often confuse these terms while using them. One has to remember that the word ‘long’ means you are measuring a thing end-to-end. In simple terms, to find out how long something is, you have to find its length. On the contrary, the word ‘tall’ is used to determine the height of a person or thing, i.e. measuring from head to toe.

Examples of ‘Long’ and ‘Tall’

The following examples will help students understand the usage of the words ‘long’ and ‘tall’:

  • No other animal is as tall as the giraffe.
  • My brother is tall.
  • Rapunzel has long, golden hair.
  • It was a long journey.

Once students understand the difference between the words ‘long’ and ‘tall’ and that they cannot be used as synonyms, they can easily apply them in proper contexts in sentences of their own.


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