‘Fr’ Words: Check the List of Words Containing ‘Fr’

From our childhood, we have been taught the importance of English vocabulary in our lives. Learning the various English words is quite essential to make communication effective. You must have been learning various big and small words in English, but when it comes to categorising the words depending on the letter contained, it can be really difficult. You can categorise the words only if you are aware of all the words. Below, we have provided the lists of ‘fr’ words for your reference.

‘Fr’ Words in English

‘Fr’ words refer to the words which either start with ‘fr’ or may contain ‘fr’ in them. While learning new words can be easy, learning the specific ‘fr’ words can be difficult. Learning 3-letter words is also common, but learning the 15-letter ‘fr’ words can be difficult to filter and learn. Do not worry, as we have provided a list of ‘fr’ words for your reference.

Fry  Fro  From  Free  Fret 
Frog  Front  Fries  Frisk  Frank 
Fresh  Frizz  Frame  Frown  Fruit 
Friar  Frost  Fraud  Frock  Frail 
Froth  Freak  Frill  Friend  Afraid 
Frozen  Frenzy  Fridge  Fright  Frosty 
Frugal  Frigid  Frappe  Afresh  Frolic 
Freedom  Freight  Frankly  Pomfret  Fragile 
Refrain  Freckle  Frantic  Refract  Freezer 
Refresh  Frontal Saffron   Freebie Freshen 
Friendly  Frequent  Frontier  Frontman  Freehand 
Confront  Fragment  Friction  Frosting  Fracture 
Befriend  Fructose  Freeload  Infrared  Seafront 
Fruitful  Infringe  Fruition  Frighten  Frenzied 
Carefree  Diffract  Freewill  Frittata  Alfresco 
Framework  Frequency  Franchise  Forefront  Freelance 
Fragrance  Frivolous  Freestyle  Fruitless  Fraternal 
Frustrate  Starfruit  Frostbite  Proofread  Wherefrom 
Permafrost  Friendship  Frequently  Fractional  Refreshing 
Frolicsome  Grapefruit  Unfriendly  Refractory  Antifreeze 
Frustration  Diffraction  Refrigerate  Refrainment  Battlefront 
Infringement  Non-frivolous  Frankincense  Frontiersmen  Frictionless 
Confrontation  Fragmentation  Fractionalise  Frightening  Frequentative 
Infrastructure  Friendliness  Fraternisation  Freakishness  Diffractometry 
Fruitlessness  Interfraternity  Frightfulness  Noninfringement  Disenfranchise 

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘Fr’ Words


What is meant by ‘fr’ words?

‘Fr’ words refer to the words which either start or contain ‘fr’. Some of the examples of ‘fr’ words are fry, fried, free, etc.


What are some of the 12-letter ‘fr’ words?

Some of the 12-letter ‘fr’ words are friendliness, birefringent, refractivity, etc.