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Your behaviour and the way of presenting yourself describe your personality. What job you have, your annual income, the properties you own, etc., do not add any extra value to your personality. It is your behaviour and good manners that matter the most. Good manners are, therefore, taught in schools and at home so that a child is brought up as a good human being.

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When you meet a person with a lot of knowledge and wisdom but has an arrogant attitude towards everyone, you will not remember the person. On the contrary, if you meet a person who behaves well, you will remember the person for the rest of your life, irrespective of their status or background.

Let us look at how to write a paragraph on good manners. Go through the following samples and try writing one on your own.

Good Manners Paragraph in 100 Words

Good manners and ethics are a product of one’s upbringing. No one can teach you how to behave in every situation. It is up to your own conscience to show good behaviour towards people. When you put others before yourself, it shows your selfless qualities, and you get genuine good behaviour in return. You would be considered a good human being or a good-mannered person if you know how to respect everyone’s feelings, are real and genuine, understand the emotions of others, and always have a humble attitude towards everyone around you. It can be seen when a guest visits you — your behaviour towards them will be a reflection of your manners. Showing respect and good manners to others does not harm anyone, so be well-mannered always.

Paragraph on Good Manners in 150 Words

When you respect others and their feelings, you will be respected. You would have come across the famous saying, ‘You reap what you sow’. It is the same in the case of respect too. You earn respect only when you respect everyone else and their opinions, thoughts and emotions. When you keep others before you and your happiness, you will be appreciated. These ethics are not taught to anyone; they should come from genuine kindness. Having a polite attitude to people shows what kind of a person you are. A good-mannered person makes the people around them comfortable and spreads positivity. There might be times when you feel you get nothing in return even though you only do good to others. The most important fact that you have to teach yourself is to be kind no matter what. Make sure that you never forget your manners and that you treat everyone well, irrespective of each other’s social and cultural status.

Paragraph on Good Manners in 200 Words

A wise person knows their own integrity and ethics.  They help others even without them asking for it. When a person reaches a high status in society, they might forget everyone who stood by their side. Only the respectable ones will always remain grateful to the ones who stood by their side. If people are polite and respect others for what they are, they will earn the respect that they deserve. Good manners do not have any fixed definition. Being thankful, polite, kind, generous, considerate and respectful are some qualities of a good-mannered person. It leaves a positive impact on everyone around. Even if one has achieved everything in life, they have to continue being the well-mannered person one has been all along.  Earn respect, it can never be purchased with money or bribe. Make sure to follow all that has been taught; carry it forward to future generations. One’s ethics and integrity can be reflected in the way one conducts oneself. Having a polite and humble attitude towards others would not harm anyone; it would, in fact, only create a positive outlook.

Good Manners Paragraph in 250 Words

Dignity is attained when we maintain peace and harmony with people. We should dedicate ourselves diligently to building a good and healthy equation in the community. We should cultivate polite behaviour towards others and must have ears to listen to others with patience. This is how we will be loved by the people and remain in their hearts and minds. We should have a positive effect on the society we live in. Maintaining a strong connection with others is the key to achieving this favourable outcome. It is not only in our community, in fact, it is also in all the people around us. These motivations are formed in us as a result of our upbringing by our parents. Our behaviour is shaped by our good upbringing. Human ideals and good and bad manners – all play a role in moulding our character. These behavioural traits have an impact on our ability to achieve our goals. Having a respectful attitude towards others demonstrates good manners. A well-mannered individual helps others feel at ease and creates a positive impression. They understand how to be grateful to everyone and how to respect others’ feelings. As a result, even if you achieve a certain level of success, remember the support and efforts of your parents, family, and friends, as well as all those who stood by your side. Money or bribes will never buy you respect. Whatever values our parents, elders, and teachers instilled in us as children, we must pass them on to future generations. The manner in which we conduct ourselves reflects our ethics and integrity. Having a courteous and polite attitude toward others will not damage anyone; in fact, it will foster a positive and respectful attitude towards others.

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How do we write a good manners paragraph?

A person with humble and good behaviour is always appreciated and praised. We all want to have friends with good and humble characters. No one is perfect, but having a positive attitude and good manners is in our own hands. Without good behaviour, one cannot be respected.

What is the importance of having good behaviour?

Being thankful, polite, kind, generous, considerate and respectful are some qualities of a good-mannered person. It is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with people. Having good manners will make others feel comfortable and accepted in your company.


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