IDK Meaning and Usage

Idk is one of those abbreviations which is used in our everyday lives. It is an informal way of saying ‘I don’t know’. Idk is one of those words that individuals who aren’t very tech-savvy may struggle to understand. This article gives you the meaning and usage of Idk. Check it out.

Meaning of Idk

The term Idk refers to the phrase ‘I don’t know’. Idk is most commonly used in informal ways of communication. It can be written either in all capital letters or all small letters.

Usage of Idk

Idk is an informal way of saying ‘I don’t know’. There are no hard and fast rules for writing Idk. It can be written as IDK or Idk or idk. Generally, when the abbreviations are written in all capital letters, it emphasises the specific term.

To better understand the proper usage of the term, refer to the examples provided below.


  • Idk what is wrong with this man.
  • I will join you guys for the party, but IDK if Shrestha is joining.
  • Idk what you exactly mean by this.


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