LOL Meaning and Usage

We all are aware of the internet lingo. We no more write complete words or complete phrases. There are a variety of abbreviations we use in our daily conversations, like PS, LOL, BFF, etc. All these abbreviations have different meanings and different usages. In this article, we will be discussing the meanings and various usages of the acronym LOL.

Meaning of LOL

LOL is the acronym for ‘laugh out loud’. LOL is considered the most commonly used term in our messaging language.

Now, we hardly recognise the term laugh out loud or laughing out loud. People have used the term in various ways. It has also been used as an acronym for lots of love.

Usage of LOL

The term LOL can be used as a verb or an interjection. People use the term either in all caps or all in small letters. The term is used in informal communication and is never used in formal language. Writing LOL might indicate that you are laughing aloud, but while speaking, saying LOL might sound contradictory because instead of saying LOL, you can actually laugh.

For a better understanding of the usage of the term, refer to the examples provided below.


  • It was such a funny incident. LOL!
  • I LOL whenever I see you in this dress.
  • I LOL’d really hard looking at his dance.


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