NVM Full Form: Check Meaning and Usage

With the increased use of electronic communication, the use of abbreviations has also increased. At times, you must have found it difficult to understand the meaning of terms like TTYL, NVM, ICYMI, FYI, etc. You must have definitely come across such abbreviations in your daily life. It is always good to stay updated with the new trends in the language. In this article, you will learn the meaning and usage of NVM.

Meaning of NVM

NVM is an abbreviation for “never mind”, which is most widely used in informal communication. The term NVM has been a part of the internet language for a very long time. It is mostly used while texting rather than speaking. Instead of writing the whole phrase, most people prefer writing it as NVM.

Usage of NVM

The abbreviation is mostly used in informal communication. The most common usage of NVM is while texting and is used to ask someone to disregard the previous message you have sent. For example, if you are having difficulty solving a problem and you ask for help, but then you have resolved the problem, you can simply write NVM. This helps the other person know that the previous message can be ignored. You can also send NVM or nvm to someone if you accidentally send a message to someone.

We have provided a few examples to help you understand the usage of the term NVM in various contexts.


  • NVM, I have already found it.
  • I’m really sorry. NVM, I didn’t mean it, actually.
  • NVM, I forgot that it was already cleared a few days back.


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