Paragraph on Elephant - Check Samples for 100, 150, 200, 250 Words

Elephants are the biggest land animals found on the planet. They exist in dense forests and are popularly found in the forests of Asia and Africa. Elephants are known to be one of the most intelligent and socially evolved mammals in the world. Among all the terrestrial animals, elephants have the biggest brain, four times larger than a human’s brain; therefore, they are highly intelligent.

During our school days, we must have written a paragraph on elephants explaining the body structure of an elephant, the habitat, etc. So, to help you write a good paragraph on elephants, check the samples given below for your reference.

Paragraph on Elephant in 100 Words

Elephants are the biggest terrestrial animals. They are found mostly in dense forests and are always found in groups. The elephants are black in colour with a small tail, two big ears, thick legs, a trunk, and two little eyes. The teeth of the elephants are very costly and are referred to as tusks. Elephants eat twigs, leaves, fruits, etc. and are herbivores. In ancient times people used elephants in wars, for lifting heavy logs from grounds, for felling trees, etc. Elephants are the strongest and most intelligent animals and are therefore very useful to human beings.

Paragraph on Elephant in 150 Words

Elephants are considered to be the largest land animals on earth, with enormous black bodies and white tusks. The legs of the elephants are like pillars, and the two big ears are like fans. Elephants have two small and beautiful eyes and a small tail. The most exciting body part of the elephant is the trunk, which is basically the upper lip. The trunk is the most valuable part of the elephant. The trunk is the longest body part that helps the elephant to eat, pick things, etc. It also works as an olfactory organ for them. Elephants are mostly found in herds in dense forests. They are herbivores and eat twigs, leaves, fruits, etc. Many people tame elephants and feed them with bread, bananas, etc. Elephants are the strongest animals and are highly intelligent. Therefore, they are good companions to human beings as well. Elephants can be a man’s best friend and are the most dangerous ones at times.

Paragraph on Elephant in 200 Words

Elephants are the largest terrestrial animals that are found in the dense forests of Asia and Africa. Elephants are wild animals that are always found in herds. They are very intelligent and social animals. They never leave their herds, and if any one member is lost, they give all their efforts to find the missing friend. They are the best companion to humans, but they can be equally dangerous at times. Elephants have huge black bodies with a tiny tail. Elephants have two small and beautiful eyes and two big ears which keep moving like big fans. The legs of elephants are like pillars of a building, and the most interesting part is their trunk which helps them in drinking water, bathing, eating, smelling, etc. The trunk is basically the upper lip of the elephants. They can pick heavy logs and push and break trees with the help of the trunk. The teeth of the elephants are the most precious things, called tusks. In ancient times, elephants were used in wars for transportation, shifting heavy things, lifting things, etc. People use elephants in circuses as well to entertain people with their tricks. Elephants are also kept in zoos for our entertainment. They are considered to be very faithful and friendly animals to human beings.

Paragraph on Elephant in 250 Words

Elephants are the world’s largest terrestrial mammals, commonly found in deep forests in Asia and Africa. Elephants are large, wild animals that live in herds. They are among the smartest and most social animals on the planet. They never leave their herds, and if one of them goes missing, they make every attempt to locate it. They are the ideal companions for people, yet they may also be harmful at times. Elephants are vegetarians and eat leaves, twigs, fruits, vegetables, etc. If they are tamed, they also eat bread, sugarcane, etc. Elephants are useful in various ways, like in wars, for lifting heavy objects, felling trees, etc. In ancient times, people used elephants in wars and also as a means of transportation. Elephants are tamed and trained by people and taken to the circuses for entertainment. Elephants are perfect companions to human beings and therefore, they listen to their owners with sincerity. In most places, elephants are considered cultural representations and are worshipped in many cultures. Elephant teeth are very costly and are used for various purposes like making ornaments, combs, etc. Therefore, people also hunt these wild animals for selfish reasons. Along with the tusks, the dung of the elephants is also beneficial, which contains seeds of different plants, hence helping the plants to spread. Humans have been illegally killing elephants for their benefit, especially for taking the tusks. Therefore, humans are the reason behind their extinction. With increasing deforestation, elephants have lost their habitat and often come to human settlements searching for food, hence creating huge destruction to society.

Frequently Asked Questions on Paragraph on Elephant

How are elephants important?

Elephants are not only beneficial to humans but also to other animals and the environment. Humans used elephants for transportation, for lifting heavy objects, wars, etc. Humans make combs, ornaments, etc. using their tusks. They help in maintaining the ecosystem in the environment.

Why are elephants endangered?

Elephants are endangered due to the illegal killing, train accidents, etc. Humans are the reasons behind their extinction hence creating a grave imbalance in the ecosystem.

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