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Elephants are the biggest land animals found on the planet. They exist in dense forests and are popularly found in the forests of Asia and Africa. Elephants are known to be one of the most socially evolved mammals in the world. Among all the terrestrial animals, elephants have the biggest brain, four times larger than a human’s brain; therefore, they are highly intelligent. This article will help you learn more about elephants and also how to write a simple paragraph on elephants.

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Paragraph on Elephant in 100 Words

Elephants are the biggest terrestrial animals. They are found mostly in dense forests and are always found in groups. The elephants are black in colour with a small tail, two big ears, thick legs, a trunk, and two little eyes. The teeth of elephants are very costly and are referred to as tusks. Elephants eat twigs, leaves, fruits, etc. and are herbivores. In ancient times people used elephants in wars, for lifting heavy logs from grounds, for felling trees, etc. Elephants are the strongest and most intelligent animals and are, therefore, very useful to human beings.

Paragraph on Elephant in 150 Words

Elephants are considered to be the largest land animals on earth, with enormous black bodies and white tusks. The legs of the elephants are like pillars, and the two big ears are like fans. Elephants have two small and beautiful eyes and a small tail. The trunk is the longest body part that helps the elephant eat, pick things, etc. It also works as an olfactory organ for them. Elephants are mostly found in herds in dense forests. They are herbivores and eat twigs, leaves, fruits, etc. Many people tame elephants and feed them with bread, bananas, etc. Elephants are the strongest animals and are highly intelligent. Therefore, they are good companions to human beings as well. Elephants can be a man’s best friend and are the most dangerous ones at times.

Paragraph on Elephant in 200 Words

Elephants are the largest terrestrial animals that are found in the dense forests of Asia and Africa. Elephants are wild animals that are always found in herds. They are very intelligent and social animals. They never leave their herds, and if any one member is lost, they give all their efforts to find the missing friend. Elephants have huge black bodies with tiny tails. Elephants have two small and beautiful eyes and two big ears which keep moving like big fans. The legs of elephants are like pillars of a building, and the most interesting part is their trunk which helps them in drinking water, bathing, eating, smelling, etc. They can pick heavy logs and push and break trees with the help of the trunk.  They are considered to be very faithful and friendly animals to human beings.

Paragraph on Elephant in 250 Words

Do you know which animal is considered the national animal of Thailand? Well, it is the all-mighty ‘elephant’.  Elephants are considered to be the world’s largest terrestrial mammals, commonly found in the deep forests of Asia and Africa. They are therefore classified as Asian elephants (commonly known as the Indian elephant) and African elephants. Asian elephants are comparatively smaller in size than African elephants. Elephants are among the smartest and most social animals on the planet. They never leave their herds, and if one of them goes missing, they make every attempt to locate it. Elephants are herbivorous animals; they eat leaves, twigs, fruits and vegetables. If you look into the number of elephants found all around the world, you will see a rapid decrease. While the numbers of African elephants are mostly unaffected, the number of Asian elephants is coming down day by day. In order to protect endangered species, various laws have been passed regarding the possession and rearing of elephants for various purposes. There were places where people domesticated elephants and reared them as pets. This, however, is not accepted anymore. Elephants, from the very beginning, have been helpful in transporting heavy goods and people from one place to another, which is also not encouraged or allowed anymore. It is each and every individual’s responsibility to make sure that these animals get to live their lives in their natural habitats and not how human beings decide.

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How are elephants important?

Elephants are not only beneficial to humans but also to other animals and the environment. Human beings used elephants for transportation, lifting heavy objects, wars, etc. previously.  They also help maintain the ecological balance.


Why are elephants endangered?

Elephants are endangered due to illegal killing, train accidents, etc. There are laws that have been imposed to bring this into control and save the endangering species, which has now led to a decrease in such cases.


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