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Noise pollution is hazardous to health. A person exposed to noise pollution may develop health problems. Several distracting noises can lead to issues later in life. To know more about noise pollution and to write a paragraph on noise pollution, refer to the samples provided below.

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Paragraph on Noise Pollution in 100 Words

What is noise? Anything unpleasant to our ears can be considered noise. We all listen to music, but it becomes irritating when very loud music is played. The smoothness and the originality of the music are lost, and it becomes unpleasant. This is how it pollutes the whole environment and becomes hazardous to our ears. The effects of water and air pollution can be visible, but noise pollution is hardly seen but is equally threatening. When we are exposed to loud noises for a more extended time, it becomes hazardous and may cause life-threatening diseases. It is always advisable to be careful while listening to music.

Paragraph on Noise Pollution in 150 Words

Noise pollution is a type of pollution that is caused due to loud, unpleasant noises. The adverse effects of noise pollution are not visible, just like the effects of water and air pollution, but it is equally threatening to the environment. Noise pollution is hazardous to our health. It is not merely an unpleasant and irritating sound for our ears. Our bodies and mind are harmed as a result of it. Noise pollution not only affects the ears but also harms concentration. Blood pressure and deafness are also caused due to noise pollution. The deafness can be either temporary or permanent. Along with human lives, it is also detrimental and hazardous to the lives of animals. It affects the brain’s functionality in animals. Therefore, keeping your pets and other animals away from unnecessary noise is always advisable.

Paragraph on Noise Pollution in 200 Words

Like air and water pollution, noise pollution is also a dangerous threat to the environment. Noise pollution can originate from our homes themselves. Playing loud music on the roads, burning loud crackers, etc., can be hazardous to the environment. Many older adults, newborn babies, pregnant ladies, patients, etc., will be affected due to the noise pollution caused by us.

There is a threshold above which sound that stop being pleasant to our ears. Any sound above 65 DB can be considered noise, and beyond 75 DB can be painful. Therefore, we need to start controlling it from our homes themselves by reducing the volumes of television, listening to music at low volumes, etc. We can avoid using loud horns and loud sounds from other vehicles in our society. We can restrict using unnecessary horns in public places. We cannot avoid the use of electric devices, but we can always limit their use at home, like mixers, drilling machines, etc.

Noise pollution is a threat to the environment that can cause adverse effects on human lives and also animals. It can affect our blood pressure and cause deafness, turning into a permanent disease. When it is Diwali, a festival of lights, we can stop burning high noise-making crackers, which is sometimes painful to our ears.

Paragraph on Noise Pollution in 250 Words

Like air and water pollution, noise pollution is a serious hazard to the environment. Noise pollution often starts at our own homes. Loud music on the roads, loud crackers, and other similar activities can be harmful to the environment. It is equally harmful to humans and animals – may be pets or street animals. Many older people, newborn babies, pregnant women, patients, and others will be harmed as a result of our noise pollution. Due to the increasing global urbanisation and industrialisation, noise pollution also has been increasing. The cities develop high rush and traffic and large crowds of people as a result of urbanisation. With the growing population and modernisation, the number of vehicles also increases, resulting in increased noise pollution. The Industrial Revolution resulted in many new inventions on the market. Almost all new inventions are equipped with heavy noise-making instruments. The noise pollution caused by this machinery affects a large area surrounding the companies and a large number of people. When these machines run for a long time, it affects the ears.

In celebrations, parties, marriages, etc., crackers are a significant source of making unnecessary noise. For the sake of our health, we must think about them and put a stop to these noises. It affects people of all ages, including children, the elderly, and those with cardiac problems. A noise-free environment will be a wonderful setting and atmosphere in which to live for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions on Noise Pollution


What are the effects of noise pollution?

Noise pollution can affect the brains of animals and newborn babies, which can have adverse effects on their lives for a long time period. It can affect someone’s heart, blood pressure, brain, ears, etc. Therefore, for our health, we must be careful and save lives.


How can I write a paragraph on noise pollution?

To write a paragraph on noise pollution, you will have to add the effects of noise pollution. You can write about the major sources of noise pollution and how it is affecting the environment.


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