Refund Letter Format | Know How to Write with Sample Letters for it

You must have returned an item either online or offline, and you must be well aware of the lengthy procedure. You will have to wait patiently for the refund of the amount. At times, it may take a longer time to get the refund, and for that, you will have to either talk to the customer executive or write an email. The refund letter format is similar to that of a formal letter which has been mentioned in the article.

How to Write a Refund Request Letter?

A request letter for the refund of money can be written for various reasons like dissatisfaction with the service or product, refund delayed by online shopping platforms, refund of advance payment, etc. A refund letter format is a formal letter that can be written in a humble voice, but at times, out of frustration, people become a little arrogant, but we need to keep a look at the words we use while writing a refund request letter.

The important things to remember while writing a refund application letter are to mention the office address, attach the payment receipt and your bank or UPI details.

Sample Letter of Refund Payment

To help you better with the refund letter format, we have provided a few sample letters of it. You can refer to the samples provided below for a better understanding of the format that can be followed to write a refund request letter.

Refund Application Letter

Abhisa Mishra

#55, Airport Wall Side Road


16th February 2022

IUT Textiles

Main Building, Airport Road


Subject: Requesting a refund for the products

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to request a full refund for the clothes I ordered from your store. I had got a lot of reviews which is why I ordered a few cloth materials worth Rs. 20,000 for my painting business. I have received the ordered items but am not satisfied with the materials. I felt a little lower quality of cloth was sent to me, but the charges are taken for the better quality. I figured it out because I have been running this business for 14 years, and I have been collecting materials from different places.

I have attached the copy of the payment receipt with this letter. You can either make the payment to my account number 1234567890765876 or can send a signed cheque to the same address.

I hope you understand the concern and make the refund at the earliest. Waiting for an early response from you.

Thank you.


Abhisa Mishra


  • Payment receipt

Refund Mail Format

In order to write a mail for the refund, you can follow the below-mentioned format.

To: [email protected]

Subject: Regarding the refund.

Dear Customer Relation Expert,

I am writing this mail to bring your kind attention to the refund for the product I had ordered from your website. I had ordered a saree worth Rs. 5,499 on 25th January with order Id 654321, but I had received a damaged product for which I had requested a return. As stated by you, I was supposed to receive the refund by the 5th of this month, but the refund is still pending. I had tried calling the customer service, but my calls went unanswered, so I had to write an email for the same.

I am attaching the image of the damaged product as well as the UPI transaction ID with this mail. Kindly treat this as urgent and try to refund the amount to the same UPI ID. Hope this will be resolved at the earliest, or I will have to take this to the consumer rights.

Expecting an early refund from your end.

Thank you.


Amrita Dwibedi


  • Payment receipt
  • Bill
  • Images of the damaged product

Request Letter for Refund of Advance Payment


Shubhangi Tripathy

448, Saheed Nagar

Bhubaneswar – 751007

Date: 16th February 2022


Satish Gawda

#75, Kamalam


Bangalore – 560016

Sub: Requesting a refund of Rs.50,000.

Dear Satish,

This is Shubhangi Tripathy, writing this letter to request you the refund of Rs. 50,000, which I had paid as an advance. I had paid the money with a confirmation that I shall shift to your house, but due to the extension of Covid-19 guidelines and the imposition of the shutdown, my office has decided to extend the work from home policy for six more months.

As discussed over call, you shall refund the full amount because it is just a couple of weeks since I made the payment. I have attached the copy of the UPI transaction bill with the letter for your reference. I shall be grateful for the kind gesture of yours.

Thank you.


Shubhangi Tripathy


  • UPI transaction bill

Frequently Asked Questions on Refund Letter Format

How do I request to refund the amount paid?

In order to request for a refund, you can contact the customer service over the phone if available or write a letter offline or write an email stating the cause behind the refund.

How can I write a refund request mail?

In order to write a refund request mail, you must know the mail address of the person or website and mention the subject and cause for the refund. Attach the details needed.

Do I write a refund request mail if my refund is delayed?

Yes, you can write a refund request mail to the authorised person or the customer relation executive requesting to initiate the refund at the earliest.

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