Report Writing on Tree Plantation

Before writing a report on tree plantation, one should know what a report is. Report writing is a formal way of writing detailed accounts on any topic. Report writing is based on specific evidence or information and the consequences that might arise due to a situation. Reports are generally written for a specific audience. Students of higher classes are often asked to write reports, and they can do that only if they have a clear understanding of how to write a report on tree plantation.

Tree plantation is a process where a large number of trees or seedlings are planted for land reclamation or landscaping. Planting large numbers of trees helps to purify the polluted air that we breathe in. Plants play a big role in our ecosystem by maintaining a balance among all the elements that are present in nature. Planting more trees also helps to keep in check the climate conditions of a place. So when you are writing a report on tree plantation, you might include all these. To help you more, here are two reports on tree plantations that will help you write one on your own.

Report on Tree Plantation in River Side School

Rourkela River Side School, Orissa organised a tree planting event on 14th March last year. The main purpose was to complete the planting of 200 saplings as a part of the Environment Day celebrations. The Mayor was invited to be the chief guest of this event and to help the school to promote the importance of planting trees. The tree planting program started around 10:00 a.m., just after the morning assembly. The first tree was planted by the Principal of the school and the Mayor in the school park. The students of different classes were given 100 saplings to plant in and around the school campus, and the remaining saplings were planted by the senior students in the local areas around the school. After planting saplings, the Mayor gave a speech on why planting trees can prove to be beneficial for the environment. His speech included subjects like how human beings get ample oxygen because of trees and how cutting down trees mercilessly has impacted the environment adversely. He advised that if future generations wanted to enjoy Mother Earth’s resources and privileges, then it’s important that they plant and save trees. The Principal ended the event with a vote of thanks and appreciated the Mayor and the students for their presence.

Report on Tree Plantation in DPS School

Delhi Public School, Gandhinagar, Delhi, organised a tree planting event on 16th April, 2022. The students from Class VI to XII actively participated in this event. Mr David Francis, the Director of the Board of the DPS North Zone, was invited to be a part of this event. The students, along with the teachers, agreed to plant trees in the campus of the school. Various types of tree saplings, like peepal, cinnamon, neem, and eucalyptus, were planted in the school premises. The geography teachers were asked to explain to the students the importance of different trees that were planted. Mr Francis, along with the Principal, also planted a cinnamon tree. He also talked about how planting trees helps to regulate the temperature and absorb all the carbon dioxide from the air. Mr Francis talked about how planting trees helps to make the surroundings greener and how trees serve as homes to many birds and animals. He also suggested that every student should at least plant one tree per year as it will help the world to fight against global warming. The day’s event was brought to an end with the Principal’s vote of thanks. All the students were given a sapling each to plant at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What do you mean by report writing?

Report writing refers to a formal way of writing detailed accounts on any given topic based on the information provided about it.


How to write a report on a tree plantation?

Students can easily write a report on tree plantations if they include when the event took place, and talk about the importance of tree plantation and number of trees planted during the plantation.