Request Letter for Experience Certificate: How to Write with Samples

An experience letter, also known as an experience certificate, is a formal letter sent by an employer to an employee certifying that the individual has worked for the company. You will need to submit an experience letter while joining a new company. Normally, the HR provides you with an experience certificate along with the relieving letter. In case it has not been provided, you can write a request letter asking for an experience certificate from the company. This article will provide you with the format and samples you can refer to. Check them out.

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How to Write an Application Letter for Experience Certificate?

In order to request for experience letter, you first need to know who you should write to. Generally, it is the HR department’s responsibility to provide the experience letter. While writing an application letter, you can address the HR personnel of the company requesting to issue the experience letter.

Format and Sample of a Request Letter for Experience Certificate

Writing a request letter for an experience certificate is similar to that of other formal letter and job application letter formats. If you are looking for sample letters, read the section below and write your own request letter.

Request for Experience Certificate from an Employer


The HR Manager

MNP Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Ring road, Mahadevpura

Bangalore – 560016


Sub: Request for Experience Certificate


Dear Sir,

I have been working as the Digital Marketing Expert at MNP Technologies Pvt.Ltd. from December 2019 to October 2022. Working with you was a great experience that aided my professional development. Now that I have resigned and am joining my new company on the 25th of October, it would be helpful if you could issue me an experience certificate.

I would be highly obliged to you for the same. Kindly do the needful.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Ankita Jain

E9765 (Employee ID)


The Human Resource

Company’s name,



Sub: Request for experience letter issuance


Hi ____( name of HR),

I ______ with employee ID _____ , and I have worked as _______ in ________ organisation/company under the ___ department for ____ years. I have resigned on _____ date because ______(reasons).

I am writing to you to request for the issuance of my experience certificate, which I need to submit while joining the new organisation.

It was a pleasure to work with an organisation that aided my career aspirations. Please try to do the needful and issue my experience certificate at the earliest possible date. I would be highly obliged to you.

Thank you.




Employee ID

Frequently Asked Questions on Request Letter for Experience Certificate


How do I write a request letter for an experience certificate?

You will have to write an application for the issuance of the experience certificate to the HR of the previous company. The application should be formal and in humble language, including your name, designation, the department you worked under and your employee ID.


Why is an experience letter or experience certificate important?

An experience letter or experience certificate is essential when you are applying for a new job. It is proof that you have worked for a certain period in a particular company, your performance and role in the development of the company.


Who do we approach to request for an experience letter?

Generally, it is the HR department that provides the experience letter to an employee. In case, the employee has not received the experience letter, then they can write an application to the HR department of the company to provide the experience letter.


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