Request Letter for Payment Release | Check the Format & Sample Letters

A payment release letter is written when you are yet to receive your payment but is still pending from the sender’s side. A request letter for payment release is supposed to be written from the receiver’s end and must be written in a humble voice. Although it might be frustrating when your payment is blocked for a longer time, you have to be very patient and respectful while writing the letter.

How to Write a Request Letter for Payment Release?

When your payment is due from your client, organisation, etc., and you feel helpless, then do not wait to write a request letter for payment release. A request to release the payment can be done online or offline and, most conveniently, over calls. A call may sound unprofessional at times; therefore, writing a request letter for payment release or an email can be done. The letter is written in a similar way to that of other formal letter formats and in a very humble tone.

The payment release letter would include information regarding the sender’s address as well as the receiver’s address, name, contact details, and the agreement papers (if any) to be attached along with the letter. For a better understanding of the format, refer to the below-provided sample letters.

Samples of Writing a Payment Release Letter

Below, we have provided a few samples of how to write a payment release request letter as well as an email for your reference. Write a letter or an email to your client or your organisation to complete your payment referring to the samples provided.

Request Letter for Release of Outstanding Payment


Amrita Patel

UIY Technologies


18th February 2022


Shubham Srivastava

Director of Finance

UI Solutions Pvt Ltd.

#36 A, Narayanapura


Sub: Request to Release the Outstanding Payment

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to bring to your notice that the amount for the issuance of laptops is still pending from your end. I had received your order for delivering 5 new HP Laptops to your office, and you had made only a part payment of Rs1,50,000. The laptops were delivered on the 10th of February 2022, and the total bill amount is Rs.3,00,000 with the consignment number 7B7654BV. The balance payment of Rs1,50,000 is now due for a longer time.

Therefore, I request you to please release the payment as soon as possible, and I have attached the bills for the laptop and the receipt of your payment. I shall be highly obliged for the same.

Thank you.


Amrita Patel

UIY Technologies


  • Payment receipt
  • Bills for 5 laptops

Payment Release Request Email

To: [email protected]

Sub: Request for Payment

Dear Sir,

I am writing this email to inform you about the payment against invoice number #45678. As you had ordered 25 pieces of wall hangings, the items were delivered at your location on the 10th of February 2022 with order ID 234879. The advanced payment of Rs.5000 was made by you on 5th February 2022. As discussed, you would make the balance payment by the 14th of February, but the payment of Rs.15,000 is still pending.

I have attached the bills and receipt with the mail for your reference. I request you to please release the payment latest by 20th February 2022. I hope you understand our concern and cooperate with us. I shall be grateful to you for the kind gesture.

Thank you.


Dhruv Patel

The Painting World


  • Bill
  • Delivery mail and updates
  • Advance payment receipt

Frequently Asked Questions on Request Letter for Payment

How do I request the outstanding payment of the order?

To request a company or any individual for the outstanding payment of your order, you will have to write a request mail or letter to the concerned authority mentioning all the details like the order ID, bills, and receipts.

How do I ask my previous company to release the pending salary?

You will have to write a letter or email to the HR department in order to release your salary. You will have to attach the resignation acceptance mail and other documents. Write the mail or letter requesting to release the payment that has not been issued to you.

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