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One of the most common slogan writing topics is slogan on trees. Be it in an examination or any slogan writing competition; you will most probably find one question where they ask you to write a slogan about trees. Slogans on trees are generally written to motivate people to save trees. This article will deal with various innovative slogans on trees and will help students to write one. The following points below will be discussed in the following article to help you form appropriate slogans on trees. Let’s have a look at them.

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Trees and Their importance

We all know that trees are a very important part of our existence. But as we all know, with passing time, due to the needs of human beings, a large number of trees are being cut down. Large areas which were once covered by lush green forests have been turned into barren lands.

If we continue to destroy trees for our needs, then soon enough, there won’t be a single tree left on this Earth. Trees provide us with the most basic necessity that’s needed for us to live, i.e., oxygen. Without trees, human beings too can’t survive on Earth for long, and that’s why it’s important to save trees.

Slogans on Trees for You

  • One tree, one life.
  • Plant a tree and get cold air for free.
  • A tree equals a natural oxygen cylinder.
  • Plant a tree and save millions of lives.
  • Need more oxygen? Plant a tree.
  • Plant a tree and help your children breathe in future.
  • Save trees and save the planet.
  • Decorate your surroundings with trees.
  • Want to live longer? Plant a tree in your garden.
  • Plant a tree and make your surroundings pollution-free.
  • Live green and think green.
  • When you cut a tree, you destroy life.
  • The roots of trees are our source of living.
  • Complexes and buildings everywhere, not a single tree to hug.

4 Best Slogans on Trees

  • Plant a green tree and live younger.
  • Save a tree and save the air from pollution.
  • Protect your Earth, Protect the Greenery.
  • Help the birds build a nest, plant a tree.

Trees Slogans in English

  • Save trees so that your future generations can see greenery.
  • Plants are the heart of the Earth; save them to save the planet.
  • Stride for a cleaner and greener nation.
  • Want timely rain? Plant more trees.
  • If you want oxygen for free, plant a tree now!
  • Keep the Earth clean and green.

Frequently Asked Question on Trees


Why are trees important?

Oxygen, which is required for a human being to stay alive, is produced by the trees. Also, a lot of resources like wood, fruits and vegetables and many other valuable things are obtained from trees. So it is essential that people don’t cut down large numbers of trees.


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