Study Certificate Letter: Format and Samples

To write a formal letter or any application, proficient language and good writing skills are a few of the prerequisites. In this article, you will be introduced to one such formal letter – a study certificate letter.

A study certificate letter is written to the head of the organisation after you have completed your primary/college education. The study certificate can be used for multiple purposes, including higher education and as proof of employment in the government/public sector.

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How to Write an Application for a Study Certificate?

A study certificate letter in English is written in a format similar to that of a formal letter. While writing the application for a study certificate, you must make sure to clearly mention the reason behind writing the letter.

Make sure to add the details like your class and section / course, registration number, and enclose other relevant documents. An application for a study certificate has to be addressed to the head of the school or college.

Samples of Study Certificate Letter

To know the format of a study certificate letter, read the samples provided below for your reference.

Sample Application for College Study Certificate

The Principal

XYZ College

#33, Bangalore

Pincode – 123456

11th February, 2022


Subject: Request for Study Certificate


Dear Sir/Madam,

With utmost respect, I, Ahuja Mitra, am writing this application to request you to provide me a study certificate. I have been a student of your organisation for 2 years in the English department, and I have completed my final year BA in English Literature in the year 2021.

I am applying for my Postgraduate degree at ABC University. I have qualified for the entrance exam conducted by the University and have scored a good percentage. I am required to submit a study certificate along with the other documents. I reuest you to kindly consider this urgent and issue me a study certificate. I shall be highly obliged to you for the same.

I am attaching all the required documents with this application.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Ahuja Mitra

Registration No. 23456

Sample Study Certificate Letter to the Headmaster of School

Shreemayee Gupta

#23, Rail Vihar,

Delhi – 123456

11 February, 2022


The Headmaster,

YUI Public School

#57, Delhi

Pin – 123456


Subject: Requesting Study Certificate


Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, myself, Shreemayee Gupta, request you to kindly provide me with a study certificate as I am shifting to another school. My parents are moving to Mumbai for work reasons and I have take an admission in GHY Public School, Mumbai. I have been a student of your institution since 2015, and I have passed my 9th class this year.  My roll number and admission number are 33 and 23456 respectively.

I request you to kindly issue the study certificate at the earliest possible date so that I can plan my travel accordingly. It was a wonderful experience being a student of your esteemed institution. I guarantee you that the ideals and manners I learned here will be with me forever.

Please do the needful and issue me a study certificate.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Shreemayee Gupta

Roll number- 33

Frequently Asked Questions on Study Certificate Letter


How can I write an application for a study certificate to my university?

An application for a study certificate to the university can be written in a similar format of writing a formal application. Keep in mind to address the dean or any authorised person of the university and mention the proper address.


How is a study certificate (or bonafide certificate) different from a school certificate?

Board or university issues a provisional certificate as confirmation that you have completed the course under their supervision. It will be used until the original certificates are received. A study certificate is similar to a bonafide certificate in that it verifies that you are enrolled in a course at the particular institution.


Why is a study certificate important?

A study certificate. It verifies that a student has studied and passed the educational institution’s examination. Students are provided with a study certificate after the completion of their primary/college education. It has to be submitted along with other documents when applying for a different course/higher education, at the time of admission.


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