Study Certificate Letter: Check the Format and Samples of Letter

Writing letters to the head of an organisation is a hectic thing. Writing a formal letter or any application requires a stronghold on the language we use. A study certificate letter is written to the head of the organisation after you have completed your primary/college education. The study certificate can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a prerequisite for higher education and as proof of employment in the government and public sector.

How to Write an Application for a Study Certificate?

Before writing a study certificate letter, it is important to know the format for it and check some samples for it so that you can write a letter to the head of your institution smoothly. A study certificate letter in English is written in a similar format to that of an application letter. While writing the application for a study certificate, you must mention the reason behind writing the letter.

Make sure to add the details like your class, section, registration number, and enclose other relevant documents for it. An application for a study certificate can be written to the head of the school or college for further higher studies or other purposes. Read below to check the samples for the same.

Samples of Writing Study Certificate Letter

To know the format of writing a study certificate letter, read the article below and also check the samples provided below for your reference.

Sample of Writing an Application for College Study Certificate


The Principal

XYZ College

#33, Bangalore

Pin – 123456

Date: 11th February 2022

Subject: Request for Study Certificate

Dear Sir/Madam,

With utmost respect, I, Ahuja Mitra, am writing this application to request you to provide a study certificate. I have been a student of your organisation for 2 years in the English department, and I completed my final year BA in English Literature in the year 2021.

After I complete my graduation, I am applying for my Postgraduate degree as my higher studies at ABC University. I have qualified for the entrance exam conducted by the University and have scored a good percentage. Kindly issue me a study certificate for admission to the above University. I shall be highly obliged to you for the same.

I am attaching all the required documents with this application.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Ahuja Mitra

Registration No. 23456

Sample of Writing a Study Certificate Letter to the Headmaster of School


Shreemayee Gupta

#23, Rail Vihar,

Delhi – 123456

11 February 2022


The Headmaster,

YUI Public School

#57, Delhi

Pin – 123456

Subject: Requesting for Study Certificate

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, myself, Shreemayee Gupta, request you to kindly provide me with a study certificate as my parents are moving to Mumbai, and I will have to take admission in GHY Public School, Mumbai. I have been a student of your institution since 2015, and I passed my 9th class with roll number 33 and admission number 23456.

I request you to kindly issue the study certificate at the earliest possible date so that I can plan my travel for admission accordingly. It was a wonderful experience learning from you and your school, and I guarantee you that the ideals and manners I learned here will be with me forever. I feel honoured to be a student of this institution.

Please take action as soon as possible to issue the study certificate. I would be grateful if you could help me out.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Shreemayee Gupta

Roll number- 33

Frequently Asked Questions on Study Certificate Letter

How can I write an application for a study certificate to my university?

An application for a study certificate to the university can be written in a similar format of writing a formal application. Keep in mind to address the dean or any authorised person of the university and mention the proper address. Write the letter in a humble tone.

How is a study certificate (or bonafide certificate) different from a school certificate?

Board or university issues a provisional certificate as confirmation that you have completed the course under their supervision. It will be used until the original certificates are received. A study certificate is similar to a bonafide certificate in that it verifies that you are enrolled in a course with them.

Why is a study certificate important?

After completing their primary/college education, students are provided with a study certificate. It verifies that a student has studied and passed the educational institution’s examination, and it is required for their higher studies

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