Arc Length Calculator

Arc length calculator is a free online tool used for determining the sector area of a circle and the length of an arc. BYJU’S online arc length calculator is easy to use and access. Enter the radius, central angle in the input field to get the arc length and sector area in the output field.

Finding Arc Length

The length of the arc is determined by using the radius and the central angle θ(either in degrees or radians). It is known that when the arc length is equal to the circumference of the circle, the angle is equal to 360° (2π). In this case, the proportion between the central angle and the arc length is constant, and the arc length formula is given as

Arc length, L = r × θ

Similarly, we can find the area of a sector of a circle. From the proportion, the area of a sector is defined by

Area of the sector, A = r2 / (θ/2)

To find the radius of a circle or central angle, the arc length calculator is also used.

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