With over 3 lakh MBA aspirants appearing for the CAT exam every year, it has become one of the most competitive exams in the country. The CAT is a prerequisite for admissions in the Indian Institutes of Management and other estimable management schools across the nation. The exam is conducted by the IIMs and it tests the candidates on different grounds i.e. on their respective quantitative, verbal, reasoning and interpretation skills.

BYJU'S Tablet for CAT Preparation

So, proper CAT preparation is of extreme importance to ace the exam and get admission in any of the prestigious B-Schools in the country. At this stage, the aspiring candidates are required to be rational and choose the best study materials accordingly. With numerous options at hand, the candidates often get confused and end up misspending their crucial time.

The aspirants, especially the working professionals face several hurdles while preparing for CAT like:

  • Less dedicated study hours
  • Low flexibility of conventional study materials
  • Portability
  • Minimum accessibility and less convenience.

Hence, to help the candidates overcome these aforementioned impediments, BYJU’S Tablet for CAT preparation has been introduced to make learning more effective for candidates from different academic and professional backgrounds. With the BYJU’S course, the candidates can prepare more efficiently and utilize their full potential to ace the exam in their first attempt.

BYJU’S tablet for CAT Preparation has several USPs that makes it the first choice for several serious CAT aspirants. Some of the noteworthy benefits of the course include:

Peerless Faculty

Having proper faculties to teach the concepts in an engaging and effective way is of extreme importance for the candidates of any competitive exam. Also, the credibility and excellence of the faculties play an important role to keep the students interested and focussed all throughout their preparation.

The BYJU’S CAT coaching tablet includes lectures from the best CAT trainers in the country involving Byju Raveendran (serial CAT topper) and PN Santosh (ISB Alumni). With several copyrighted shortcut techniques and methodologies, they revolutionized the learning process by taking a qualitative approach over quantitative to groom the candidates for CAT.

Basics and Concept Visualization

As the questions include concepts from middle school, the CAT exam requires the candidates to be well acquainted with the related topics to be able to solve the exam. So, the CAT preparation starts from revisiting the basic concepts and solving several related questions to build the required confidence to solve the CAT questions.

BYJU’S have implemented 3D animations and in-air- projections in the video lectures to help the candidates visualize the basics comprehensively. The complete topics of CAT exam are covered from basics in an easy to understand the method to strengthen the foundation of candidates for all the sections of the exam.

Flexibility and Portability

This is one of the several problems that the CAT candidates face during preparation. Often the candidates fail to get the flexibility of the lectures from the coaching centres and end up missing some important concepts of the exam. Also, the lack of portability of materials often leads to lower engagement of the candidates and thus affecting the entire preparation.

BYJU’S tablet completely expunges this hindrance by providing the required flexibility and portability of the lectures. The candidates can carry the tablet with them and learn on-the-go. The provision for repeating the video lectures is also provided for the candidates who struggle to grasp the concepts at once. Also, the lectures can be learnt anytime and anywhere to help the students learn at their own convenience.

Personal Mentors and Easy Doubt Clearing Sessions

Every candidate requires personal mentors for clearing all their respective doubts. So, BYJU’S tablet provides every candidate with a personal mentor to help the candidates clear their doubts without any hassle. Candidates can contact their personal mentors at any time and clear their doubts at the earliest. The mentors provide the best possible answers for the questions asked by the candidates to help them learn more while solving practice questions.

Adaptability and Mock Tests

With adaptive learning, the candidates can easily analyze their preparations and strategize accordingly. BYJU’S also provide several CAT Mock tests to help the candidates get acquainted with the pattern, timing, and difficulty of the questions. Also, candidates can take sectional mock tests to know their confidence in that particular section and its related topics.

With all these aforementioned advantages, BYJU’S CAT preparation tablet has become one of the most desired courses amongst the CAT aspirants. Several sample papers and CAT previous year papers are also provided on the website for the candidates to practice and build up their confidence to be able to tackle the questions in the CAT exam.

Keep visiting to get more information on the CAT exam and other related details. Also, get various engaging videos for free, to learn more effectively and ace the CAT exam easily in the first attempt.

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