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CAT 2015 Exam Date and Time

What is CAT 2015 exam date and time?

CAT exam is conducted in the month of November each year. In 2015, the exam due date is 29th November 2015.  The important dates regarding CAT exam can be viewed in official CAT website.

August 6, 2015 Commencement of CAT 2015 registrations
October 25, 2015 CAT 2015 admit card download
November 29, 2015 CAT Exam Test Day

The exam will have a different pattern in 2015. CAT Exam syllabus being the same as always, the exam pattern in 2015 will be:-

cat 2015 Exam Date and Time

Important changes in CAT pattern should be kept in mind. They are as follows:-

  1. The test will not contain 100% MCQ type questions. The candidates will have to type the answers in some questions.
  2. Every correct answer is awarded +3 marks and for every incorrect answer, 1 mark is deducted. However, there is no negative marking for the questions where candidates are supposed to type the answer.
  3. For the first time in CAT exam, scientific calculator is allowed. This will be an on-screen calculator.
  4. The 2015 CAT exam pattern does not give the liberty to its candidates to switch between the sections. A candidate has to attempt the sections in order- VA, DI & LR, QA.
  5. 60 minutes will be allotted for each section, making a total of 180 minute test ( in CAT 2014, total time allotted was 170 minutes)
  6. To qualify in CAT, one needs to clear sectional wise cutoff as well as individual cutoff.
  7. The exam date is 29th November 2015 and exam time is divided into two slots:-
  8. 9am to 12pm
  9. 2pm to 5pm

Let us have a look at CAT 14 paper:

The paper consisted of 2 sections:

Section 1- QA and DI- 50 questions & 2- LR and VA- 50 questions

Aspirants were allowed to swap between the sections and total time allotted was 170 minutes.

If you compare CAT 15 with CAT 14, you would thus realize that CAT 15 is going to be much challenging because of 2 reasons:

  1.  DI & LR have been clubbed into one separate section altogether. So aspirants cannot just rely on QA or VA. They have to be equally good in all 3 sections.
  2. You cannot swap from section to the other.

There are altogether 13 IIMs and recently 6 new IIMs have been established. Therefore, number of seats in IIMs has increased lately. Every year one of the IIMs set the paper- IIM Ahmedabad in 2015. Every year CAT pattern shows some changes in its pattern. A future CAT aspirant can expect a similar or even more challenging pattern in the coming years. Thus, it is advisable to all CAT aspirants to start their preparation one year ahead of CAT Exam so that they are well prepared and confident about their CAT preparation. Their preparation is not vulnerable to any change in exam pattern.

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