Technical Glitch In Exam Centre Will Allow Candidates To Take Retest

To ease the process of the test, IIMs have announced that in the rare case of technical failures, candidates will be able to appear for the retest. CAT candidates will get a chance to appear for a retest if the candidate is facing any technical glitches during the administration of the test. The notification has been released by IIMs officially. Rest assured; all the technical requirement will be taken care of by the centre heads.

As per the official statement released –

“Every effort have been made to correct the problem which includes administering another test.”

Prof. Rajendra K. Bandi, Convenor of CAT 2016, did mention that the chances of any technical glitch are microscopic. The testing agency this year is TCS and CAT has been organised by IIM – Bangalore.  The announcement cannot be seen on the official website – however, the decision has been made for the following possibility of scenarios that will be considered for retest:

  1. Any minor technical glitches like system breakdown for a particular time, then the timer will be reset and will start from the time it stopped. No retest will be conducted – the only allotment of extended time.
  1. The system doesn’t get activated and a major fault in the internet connectivity at the test centre which cannot be corrected within the stipulated time, then a retest will be organised for only those candidates who were registered for that centre.
  1. Inaccessibility due to a major riot, curfew or bandh in a particular city, then there will be a probability of cancellation of the test, then the authorities will have to fall back to retest in another time slot.

Mark these important dates for exam

CAT used to be held during October / November – until this year. This year it has been scheduled to be held on 4th December. This year, there has been a 20% surge in registration number for CAT exam. CAT authorities have also extended the last date for registration of the exam, i.e, till 27th September – 5 P.M.

CAT Preparation: CAT preparation needs rigorous and consistent preparation model all through the year until the exam. The stages that CAT preparation can be divided and focused upon are:

  1. Basics
  2. Short-cuts
  3. CAT Mock Tests

CAT preparation free materials are available and can access from our portal. Candidates having any kind of query regarding the exam, can contact our exam counsellor at 9880031619 and clear them.